Break a Bounce  with Bubble Football

Ever imagined being inside a Zorbing bubble and playing football? Well, now you can! Oh my Game, a new age startup has recently launched Bubble Football in the city , a game which can simply be defined as fun and is played just like normal football but with the players encased in an inflated transparent bubble. Such out of the box ideas are a signature of the nascent and the unrivaled techtainment centre located at DLF Phase 2, Gurugram.

The rules are different than the traditional soccer. It is a game played with five players per team without any goalkeeper and is played for duration of five minute for each half. The goal is to score against your opponent while simultaneously knocking him/her down. You have got to possess The Flash’s swiftness and Mr. Fantastic’s machinations to outcraft your opponents. However, no game is complete without boundaries – a referee is there to moderate the game and keep a check on incessant and excessive bumping.

The innovation plus point of bubble football is the safety net which is created by the encasing of the bubble , preventing people from getting hurt on vulnerable parts of the body . It’s a harmless sport with no room for injury or accidents. Also, even if you tumble, you won’t have a great fall. The encasing will rebound to get you back on your feet! and Even renowned football players have tried and tested bubble football as a novel way of training and improving stamina.

A fun and quirky take on a classic game, bubble football is a fresh effort to kindle interest in sporting activities in an age where technology has made people redundant. So, get your kicks on and bounce your way to victory!


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