Videocon Edge eyes 12% market share of the Rs 1600 Cr Enterprise Communication Solution  market in FY 17-18

~Targets Topline Revenue of 195 Cr to attain fair market share of the Rs 1600 Cr market in FY 17-18 and aspires to be among the Top 3 players by 2020~ ~The Enterprise communication segment includes services like A2P SMS, Toll free solutions, OBD/IVR, PRI, Missed call & Short/Longcode solutions etc, and is dominated by SMS’

Videocon Edge, the Smart Solutions & Enterprise Communication service provider talked about its plan for the financial year 2017-18. With a topline revenue target of 195 Cr, Videocon Edge is targeting approximately 12% of total Enterprise communication market.

The enterprise communication segment, comprises of A2P (Application to person) SMS, OBD/IVR (Outbound dialer/Interactive Voice response), and other cloud based solutions including Missed call and short/long-code solutions. Widely used by BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance), E-Commerce, Retail, Media & entertainment, tourism, Wellness, Educational and Govt sector etc for both transactional and promotional messages for their customers.

Mr Bali, CEO, Videocon Telecom said “ Looking the potential of the market, we had setup the Enterprise communication solutions vertical last year. The vertical has done fairly well last year, created a good funnel of Enterprise and Govt sector customers. The Enterprise Communication solutions market is estimated to be approximately 1600 Cr, and considering we are a recent entrant in the market, we are targeting a fair market share of 12% ie Rs 195 Cr this financial year” With approx Rs 1400 Cr, which is 82% of the market size, the Enterprise communication market is dominated by A2P SMS. This old, yet effective tool in the mobile telephony still stands strong despite the fast evolution of technology from 2G to 3G to 4G. From its once most important use for P2P (peer to peer), SMS has now transformed into a newer role of A2P (Application to person) messaging. While the P2P messaging has witnessed a decline in the wake of data led applications that offer a better experience to users, yet the universal and ubiquitous service has found a new use. The A2P SMS market is projected to be over 180 Bn SMS in the year which is a 6% growth over last year. “The market is expected to grow 2 folds within the next few years. The rationale of the same is simple, with over 1.1 Bn mobile subscribers, the current A2P SMS market size in India is approx 180 Bn SMS an year, which interpolates to 13.5 A2P SMS per mobile subscriber per month. Interestingly this is only about 1/4th of the average A2P SMS consumption of the rest of the world, which is approximately 53 A2P SMS per subscriber per month. So there is a huge potential for the business.

We aspire to be the first choice of businesses and brands using the service, and desire to be among the top 3 players by 2020. We will be providing various industry first solutions to our customers including beacons for proximity marketing and chatbots etc. to create differentiation and value addition to our Corp Customers’. Mr. Bali added

About Videocon Telecom

Videocon Telecom is engaged in various telecom related, non-spectrum dependent businesses including Broadband services, Enterprise communication solutions, Wholesale carrier business, Smart cities & homes, Security & surveillance solutions and tower business. The company is also foraying into the CCTV and Smartphone accessories retail market with own brand. Videocon Telecom has partnered with global technology leaders to create a robust infrastructure to provide state of the art future ready technologies to its customers by leveraging a combination of the parent company’s strong brand recall and retail reach with a spirit of innovation and customer centricity. Videocon Telecom today symbolizes the market innovations and customer offerings rooted in the demands and needs of the Indian consumer. The company has invested significantly in research and development as well as in customer service to offer consumers innovative products and a superlative experience.


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