Bagh speaks of love, of the Persian gardens that the poets write of, Lucknow in the days of its glory. This collection draws on themes that inspired the success of the recent Nazraana and Awadh ranges. The nobility of a courtly dress is combined with a stylish bohemianism.

The colours evoke the warmth of spring, of early flowers in blossom, of water rippling through the channels of a Persian garden. White, orchid tint, haze, almond, rose pink, are used with soft gold and silver metallic. As in music, contrasts are important. These soft colours are offset by
contemporary bohemian pumpkin orange, fuschia, yellow green and coral red used in under
garments or bold accessories.

In the tradition of courtly life, the fabrics are fine hand woven cottons, silks and precious metallic

fabrics. Exquisite textures have been developed through the use of hand crochet and embroidery.

Mother of pearl embellishment has been added in unusual ways. A major feature of the collection is the revival of vintage lace reflecting the western influence on dress in Lucknow in days of old.

Silhouettes are inspired by traditional kurtas and pajamas and by re-interpreting saris with a
bohemian look. Sari blouses have innovatively been combined with wrap skirts. In all the styles, the layering of fabrics, textures and colours brings surprises. Sharp colours in under garments create shadows beneath the softer colours that overlay them.
About Shades of India:

Founded almost two decades ago, Shades of India is internationally known as one of India’s most creative textile companies. Led by Mandeep Nagi (Design Director) and David Housego (former UK journalist), the brand combines contemporary design with the inspiring workmanship of traditional craft.

The uniqueness of its style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordination and contrasting of colorsand the inventive, unexpected use of surface treatment.

The company is acclaimed internationally for originality and inventiveness of its designs and has won various awards including best product awards at shows in Paris and New York. Mandeep Nagi,

Design Director, has thrice won the Elle Decor Design Award in India for fabric.

Shades of India’s product range include apparel, fashion and interior accessories, and home
furnishings. Building on its reputation, Shades of India established its own first stand-alone retail store at Meharchand Market in New Delhi in 2012 and now sells through over 20 outlets in India.


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