2,000+Buyers Visit First HKTDC Lifestyle Expo in New Delhi



Participants find success through business matching activities

The inaugural HKTDC Lifestyle Expo in New Delhi welcomed more than 2,000 trade buyers during its two-day run on 19 and 20 December 2016, as 120 Hong Kong and mainland companies showcased a range of trendy, high-quality products, reaffirming Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s lifestyle trendsetter and “super-connector” in business.

Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Trade Development Bureau (TDB) of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the expo took place at The Lalit New Delhi.

Apart from bringing a slice of Hong Kong lifestyle to India, the event also helped develop stronger bilateral trade relations between India and the Chinese mainland.

The Opening Ceremony was officiated by LC Goyal, Chairman and Managing Director, India Trade Promotion Orgnisation, Stephen Liang, Assistant Executive Director, HKTDC, Jin Hong, Deputy Director-General, Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce, The People’s Republic of China, and Li Bai Jun, Commercial Counsellor, Economic Counsellor’s office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China inthe Republic of India.

Bridging India and China

“We have very big hopes for the future of trade links between India and China, with Hong Kong serving as a ‘super-connector’ between two of the world’s most populous and fastest-growing large economies,” said Mr Liang.

“India and China are two of the fastest-growing large economies on earth, with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) predicting GDP growth of 7.6 per cent and 6.2 per cent respectively in 2017. Together, they have a combined population of some 2.7 billion potential consumers,” he added.

Individual buyers and buying missions came from New Delhi and othercities and regions including Mumbai, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Punjab.

At the Lifestyle Expo, the exhibitors paraded a variety of modern; high-calibre products including consumer electronics and ICT, gifts and premium, household products and electrical appliances, fashion and accessories and watches and clocks.The expo also featured trade-related services.

These attracted buyers from different sectors, including importers, distributors, mass retailers, mail-order houses, department stores and specialised stores.

Getting Connected

The HKTDC arranged more than 1,600 one-to-one business matching meetings and various networking events during the expo to further connect Hong Kong and Chinese mainland suppliers with buyers.

A brand new “Live Chat” service was offered at the Thematic Showcase Display zone, where staff connected buyers to off-site exhibitors via WhatsApp for real-time discussion of potential deals.

The expo also featured the popular hktdc.com Small Orders showcase spotlighting 150 products available for orders in quantities of between five and 1,000 units. This allowed buyers to place small orders to test the market while minimising their risks. It also leveraged the growing trend of e-tailing that is changing the face of international trade.

Business leads

Exhibitors reported positive results from their participation in the event. Andy Lee, Managing Director of Hong Kong houseware supplier Star Express Asia Ltd.said he was happy with the quality of the Indian buyers. The company received about 25 serious enquiries, including a potential customer he had established contact with through the HKTDC Showcase Display at the China Products (Mumbai India) Exhibition 2016.

Hong Kong LED lighting supplier Celex LED Technology Ltd Business Development Director Andrew Tsang said he was satisfied with the results, havingbeen approached by “very good” Indian buyers including a lighting contractor and LED lighting distributors from Mumbai and New Delhi.

Hong Kong online marketing services promoter CG Marketing Co Ltd, was keen to find local partners, and the company received more than 30 enquiries from various sectors, including online marketing, travel, toys and electronics products.

Lifestyle trendsetter

The Lifestyle Expo is one of the HKTDC’s signature international promotion events and has a successful track record in fosteringtrade between companies from Hong Kong and emerging markets worldwide including Russia, Poland, Turkey, Dubai, India and Indonesia. The Lifestyle Expo in Mumbai was successfully held in 2010.

Sahil Khattar –Digital Entertainer In The All New Season of TIMC Show


The Indian Movie Channel comes up with the brand new episode of TIMC show featuring the most sensational YouTube star Sahil Khattar. Being successful at age of just 17 as a radio jockey, content writer at a later age and becoming man of the digital entertainment, watch Sahil Khattar chattering in his wittiest style about his perilous yet amazing journey of life with talented hosts of the show.

The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC) is an online destination which brings you all the entertainment News, Bollywood Celebrities, Trailers, scoops and much more which you can enjoy watching. TIMC Show Season 2 begins with an all new set, all new content, new stars and all new entertainment as well. Watch the first episode with Sahil Khattar and we promise a laughter riot.

With always keeping people entertained with good relatable and humorous content with broadcasting new video’s for people at every week the renown face of “Being Indian”, Sahil Khattar with his charm and energy keeps you entertained in the new episode of TIMC show .

Watch Sahil Khattar’s uninhibited conversations and candid confessions: http://www.theindianmoviechannel.com/timc-show/interview-with-the-youtube-sensation-sahil-khattar/

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About The Indian Movie Channel:

Hitting the floors in 2015, The Indian Movie Channel is an online podium that brings together all the Bollywood scoops, videos, trailers, latest news, movies and events at one place for the users. Founded by Shiv Relan, a young entrepreneur, the sole goal of The Indian Movie Channel is to keep the viewers updated with their unique TIMC show where the anchors discuss about Bollywood in out of the box fashion. Viewers can even procure most authentic content and high quality images on The Indian Movie Channel.




Internationally acclaimed and India’s most innovative textile brand, Shades of India consists of a unique product range, including apparel, fashion and interior accessories, and home furnishings. The uniqueness of its style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordination and contrasting of colors, and the inventive, unexpected use of surface treatment. Recently in New Delhi, Shades of India hosted their annual Garden Sale which was nothing less than phenomenal. It consisted with a variety of coordinated bed settings in different colours and textures and stalls for organic oils and aromas.

Founded almost two decades ago, Shades of India is internationally known as one of India’s most creative textile companies. Led by Mandeep Nagi (Design Director) and David Housego (former UK journalist), the brand combines contemporary design with the inspiring workmanship of traditional craft. The uniqueness of its style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordination and contrasting of colors, and the inventive, unexpected use of surface treatment. Shades of India’s product range include apparel, fashion and interior accessories, and home furnishings. One could simply indulge in the exuberant blend of colours, patterns, designs and experience the beauty of the vibrant collection by Shades of India!

PLUSS Advanced Tech.-A revolutionary technology for transportation of perishables


  • PronGO® keeps perishables like life saving medicines, frozen food, etc ‘Fresh & Pure’
  • Protects perishables without dependency on active electricity or fuel guzzling refrigeration units
  • A “Made in India” product that combats temperature effects on perishables


Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd (PLUSS®) is a specialist in the field of Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Specialty Polymers. Pluss has pioneered PCM technology in India and is presently the only company in India with a wide range of indigenously manufactured PCMs with several patents.


In cold chain temperature is of prime importance because it ensures that the product is protected in and integrity is maintained until the last mile, particularly medicines. Poor temperature control can cause major quality and productivity problems. Although highly desirable, it is often difficult to control temperature.


To cater to issues related to temperature control in storage and transportation of various items like life saving medicines, fresh fruits, ice creams, frozen foods, meat, poultry, sea foods or any other product that is best stored and transported in frozen, chilled or specified temperature state, Pluss Advanced Technologies offers its phase change material technology based solution known as PronGO®.


PronGO® is a versatile product in 3 to 50 liters’ capacity, which can operate without electrical supply in a temperature range of frozen (-23°C to -10°C) as well as chilled (2°C to 8 °C) range. Based on the type of ‘Phase Changing Material (PCM), it helps store and carry food, medicines, fresh fruits, Ice cream or beverages at the right temperature protecting its quality and integrity. Products sensitive to temperatures that were previously considered impossible to be carried without traditional refrigeration can be now moved effortlessly and with ease.


Mr Vishnu Sasidharan, Vice President – New product Initiatives, Pluss Advanced Technologies says, “There has been an increased awareness and demand for temperature controlled transport solution among customers and businesses. There is a need to reduce spoilage and protect integrity of products such as F&B, pharmaceuticals, dairy etc occurring due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and poor power availability. Hence, PronGO® was launched with the objective to enable more and more ‘PRoducts ON the GO’ with passive cooling”


PronGO® combines advanced Phase Change Materials technology with special thermally insulating materials to offer robust carriage options with temperature control. PronGO® is designed to operate in the chilled to frozen range and providing customers’ with greater flexibility for carrying temperature sensitive products.


“Pluss plans to develop a range of products over the next one year in the B2B and B2C segment. Pluss is open to strategic alliances and partnership in this endeavour to offer solution for the betterment and empowerment of people and businesses.” added Mr Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies.


PronGO® consumer products are available currently on Amazon and Flipkart. The use of PronGO® bags is really simple and demonstration videos and instructions are available on following links –




About Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd (PLUSS®) are specialists in the field of Phase Change Materials and Specialty Polymers and is a venture funded organization with equity stake being held by Tata Capital’s Premium Innovation Fund promoted by the Tata Group. Pluss is engaged in R&D and manufacturing of Specialized polymers and Phase change materials (PCMs).


Pluss has pioneered PCM technology in India and is presently the only company in India with a wide range of indigenously manufactured PCMs with several patents. With its innovative products, the company is making its presence felt across the globe with representatives in USA, Turkey, South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa. Pluss intends to be amongst the top innovative companies in the world in the near future. www.pluss.co.in

Ansals Plaza announces the grand opening of its Anchor Brands – Decathlon and The Arena

Delhi’s first mall, Ansal Plaza, repositioned as Delhi’s ultimate Sports and F&B Destination, has opened its door to its two anchor brands, Decathlon, the global sports retail giant and The Arena,  Ultra Luxurylounge.  During a daylong celebration, Ansal Plaza hosted the grand opening of one of India’s  biggest two level Decathlon Khel Gaon store, which is equipped with smart LED screens and open space for sports activities. Agala evening party was also organised to announce the grand launch of The Arena.

Launch of Decathlon Store at Relaunched Ansal Plaza at Khel Gaon MArg .jpg

With a bagful of new and unique sporting  events like Capoeria (Afro Brazilian marital arts) , Blind Cricket, Free motion Ski, Basketball and Zumba , the Grand opening of the Decathlon Khel Gaon store at Ansal Plaza promises to be an exciting affair for the sports enthusiasts of Delhi. A unique costume run for kids and 5-10 km run for adults was also scheduled as a part of Decathlon Khel Gaon store’s Opening Run on Sunday, December 4, 2016.


The Arena with approx. 13000 sq. feet extravaganza spread across 2 levels with indoor and outdoor party areas, private and VIP event space, great ambience and a fully stocked up bar. With a great dance floor, superior customer service and exceptional pricing The Arena is another wonderful reason to visit Ansal Plaza.


Talking about the 2 grand openings on Saturday, Mr. Amit Phull, Head Retail Ansal API said,  “We identified that sports shopping experience is one of the niches that lacks in other South Delhi malls and the event and experience that Ansal Plaza offers will help us live upto our promise of being the ultimate sports hub of Delhi. Also, the launch of The Arena along with other premium F&B Brands will help us in establishing the mall as an ultimate destination for various kinds of world cuisine”.


Ms. Caroline Mulliez of Decathlon said, “We are proud to be associated with Ansal Plaza. The strategic location offers the best catchment of sports enthusiast and its vast open space alsosupports what Decathlon stands for, which is sporty fun at exceptionally affordable prices”.


Mr. Mukul Bajaj, Co-founder, The Arena, said, “We are excited about the launch. We are definite that the prime location of Ansal Plaza at the heart of the city will draw the kind of patrons The Arena is looking for”.


Mr Sahil Madaan, Owner, Taksim, “Trends meet chic in our very own of serving world cuisine.Taksim, with its international concept offering fusion Turkish and Indian cuisine, is trying to find a balance between a café and a restro bar.”


Ansal Plaza has been the hub of entertainment in Delhi since 1999 as the city’s first mall.With its prime location, excellent parking facility and vast green space,  Ansal Plaza promises to continue the tradition of excitement and celebration in its new avatar.

About Ansal API Group:

Established in 1967 as a family business, Ansal API today is among the leading Realty and Infrastructure companies of India. A widely reputed and professionally managed Organization, Ansal API currently operates in a range of business verticals such as Integrated Townships, Condominiums, Group Housing, Malls, Shopping Complex, Hotels, SEZs, IT Parks and Infrastructure and Utility Services.

After four decades of spectacular growth, Ansal API is at a stage where the company has acquired immense experience, consolidated and established assets – physical and intellectual, while at the same time retaining youthful energy and zeal. Ansal API’s roadmap for future development envisages expanding the current areas of operation through more and more challenging projects and also foraying into related areas in infrastructure with innovative projects

UFO Moviez’s ‘Curtain Raiser’ Platform Leveraged by Shah Rukh Khan To Launch “Raees” Trailer Live on Big Screen Amidst Fans

SRK quoted UFO the game changer.JPG

UFO’s revolutionary  technology empowers King Khan to interact with thousands of fans Live on screen across Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Surat and Moga

Today, Digital Era saw yet another path breaking initiativeby UFO Moviez.The world’s first-ever Big Screen trailer launch of movie ‘Raees’ on 7th December 2016 mesmerized audiences in 10 theatres across Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Surat and Moga, thanks to UFO Moviez’slatest initiative ‘Curtain Raiser’.Curtain Raiser enabled King Khan to launch the much-awaited Raees Trailer simultaneously in the theatres and gave him an opportunity to interact live with audience on Big Screen. The platform –‘Curtain Raiser’, introduced by UFO Moviez, empowers a brand to interact live with audiences across their network of over 5000 screens.


The remarkable affair began mid-morning with a brief introduction of UFO Moviez, the initiative and release of thrilling trailer of “Raees”. The Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, stationed at UFO Moviez’s central studio, interacted with the audiences for an hour, with fans fervently asking for more. The audience sitting in theatres in the selected 10 cities could see and interact with the actor himself. The staggering enormity of the initiative truly came across when viewers at one location could hear those at another, while they interacted with Mr Khan.


With King Khan live on screen in virtually every big city, all eyes were locked on the event. With this phenomenal event, UFO Moviez has ignited a spark that will provoke a revolution in the digital wave of Indian cinema. The name of the theatres participated for the interactive session are Mumbai – Gold Cinemas (Milan Mall), Moga (Punjab) – Neelam Nova Cinemaz, Jaipur – Golcha Cinema (Nile), Kolkata – Menoka Cinema,Delhi – Delite Theatre, Indore – Madhu Milan Cinema, Hyderabad– VenkatramanaMegaplexAhmedabad – City Gold Ashram Road, Bengaluru – Q Cinemas, and Surat – DR World (INOX).

To promote the Trailer Launch, a short teaser was shot wherein King Khan himself invited people to the theatres to be part of this first of its kind of trailer launch. The teaser went live on UFO screens across India 1st December 2016 onwards and has reached approximate 6 million unique viewers till 6th December 2016.


 Founder & Managing Director of UFO Moviez, Sanjay Gaikwad, said on the initiative: -“It was great to execute and present the World’s first-ever Interactive Big Screen Trailer Launch. We are glad that through ‘Curtain Raiser’, the King of Bollywood, ‘Shah Rukh Khan’, was able to interact live with audiences in 10 theatres through the Big Screen while audiences across UFO  screens enjoyed this exhilarating event live on-screen. The audience response to the event was astounding. We are delightedwith the commencement of our platform ‘Curtain Raiser’ and hope to see the same overwhelming response in the future.As India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform, UFO Moviez takes pridein emerging as the leaders of the new digital era.”

Commenting on the initiative, Veteran Producer – Distributor Mr Pahlaj Nihalani, and President of Movie Image Makers said, – I am really impressed with UFO’s latest initiative ‘Curtain Raiser’. The LIVE promotion vide the digital technology encourages additional footfalls at the cinemas many of which are going through low occupancy. It was a real gratifying experience for the cinema audience as it brought them closer to their stars and gave them an opportunity to interact with them. This kind of innovative promotions will help enhance revenues for the entertainment industry.

Commenting on the Raees Trailer Launch on UFO’s Curtain Raiser, the film’s Producer, Mr. Ritesh Sidhwani, said, “The trailer of the film has released in as many as 3,500 screens Pan India. The launch is a revolutionary concept which has helped us reach out to a larger audience and celebrate the movie goer in its purest form through the advanced technology of UFO Moviez. We have had a fantastic association, and hope to collaborate on future projects that bring innovation and excitement to the theatre going audiences.”




About UFO Moviez India Ltd: (www.ufomoviez.com)


UFO Moviez India Limited is India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform in terms of number of screens. UFO operates India’s largest satellite-based, digital cinema distribution network using its UFO-M4 platform, as well as India’s largest D-Cinema network.  As on September 30, 2016, our global network, along with our subsidiaries and associates, spans 6,730 screens worldwide, including 5,055 screens across India & Nepal and 1,675 screens across the Middle East (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan), Israel, Mexico and the USA serviced by our subsidiary Scrabble Entertainment Ltd..UFO’s digitization and delivery model has been a key driver of extensive digitization of Indian cinemas and has enabled wide-spread, same day release of movies across India. UFO adds value to all stakeholders in the movie value chain, spanning movie producers, distributors, exhibitors, and the cinema-going audience. UFO provides value to movie producers and distributors by reducing distribution costs, providing reach to a wide network, providing a faster method of delivery of content and reducing piracy through encryption and other security measures. We provide value to movie exhibitors throughout India by providing access to first day release of movies on our digital platform. Audiences benefit from faster access to new movie releases and a consistently high quality viewing experience. UFO has created a pan India, high impact in-cinema advertising platform with generally long-term advertising rights to 3,748 screens, with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 1.76 million viewers and a reach of 1,906 locations across India, as on September 30, 2016. UFO’s in-cinema advertising platform enables advertisers to reach a targeted, captive audience with high flexibility and control over the advertising process. UFO’s in-cinema advertising platform also allows small exhibitors who otherwise are not able to effectively monetize their advertising inventory due to their limited scale and reach to receive a greater share of advertisement revenue than they are able to using traditional advertising methods.

Oceedee launches its Fall Collection’17 Inspired from German architect Frei Otto

Accessible luxury footwear brand, Oceedee launches its shoe collection for the fall of 2017. Flawless architecture and lightweight structures of German architect, Frei Otto, who was known for famous works such as The Aviary at the Munich Zoo and Mannheim MultiHalle form the inspiration of the collection.


Beautiful clean lines and intricate craftsmanship remain at the focus of the collection while bringing a color palette of burgundy, black, beige and silver together for a great evening wear. Not only does it compliment the ready-to-wear line greatly, it is versatile enough to work with existing pieces in one’s wardrobe. From heel to toe, the details will surely impress the onlookers.


Commenting on the new collection, Rohini Yadav, Co-CEO & Creative Director, Oceedee said “Inspired by Frei Otto’s free form and lightweight structures, we have recreated his style in our shoes. The designs have a poise, which is derived from the elaborate yet simple looking structures of Otto. The shoes are perfect for the modern day women who want to look classy and elegant, but do not want to compromise on the comfort.”


Inspiring class, luxury and haute culture through its fully leather lined handcrafted shoes along with perfect comfort and ease to your feet, Oceedee lets you feel the light air emblematic of Otto’s architect.


Oceedee shoes are hand- made, using the age-old techniques passed down through generations of artisan shoemakers. Each shoe is meticulously crafted using the fine leathers sourced from India combining the beautiful sole, which is hand cut to attain perfection.

So, grace your feet this fall and make sure you log onto- http://www.oceedee.com to shop your perfect pair from our new collection starting from Rs 6,999/- onwards.

About Oceedee:

OCEEDEE is an accessible luxury brand for high quality shoes that inspires a sense of glamor, confidence and sensuality in the modern day woman. Passion, Innovation and Luxury are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy.

These values are reflected at every level from our inspired designs to meticulous craftsmanship, and made to last quality with a promise to deliver “Fashion without compromise”.

First of its kind in India, OCEEDEE’s online design studio allows women to customize their shoes and let their imagination come alive. It is a simple and fun platform to select and customize from our capsule collections or design their own shoes. It offers more than nine billion unique combinations using close to 250 styles, 50 leathers and 13 different heels. It allows women to envision their masterpiece, personalize it, and preview their own creation before ordering their perfect pair.

Shop now – http://www.oceedee.com