Band Baaja Boys by Rachna Singh!

Band Baaja Boys by Rachna Singh!

This post marks the entry of a new book in the pool of a million others, but yet different.

This new book that we speak about here is the latest laughter riot by famous humour writer, Rachna Singh, published by Amaryllis.

Know Your Author

Rachna Singh, born and brought up in Allahabad, or as every other Allahabadi calls it, illahabad; completed her high school from St Mary’s Convent and was a psychology student from University of Allahabad. She believes that she has inherited the wits of her father and the love for writing from her mother, who herself writes every now & then!

A mother of two, one studious kid and the other who requires a search party sent out every night, debuted her career by ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’, the three stages of a couple’s life!

Rachna was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early 2015, that is when she started with Band, Baaja, Boys! She also blogged about her struggle against Breast Cancer, named ‘A breast beating diagnosis’.

Read about it here:

All fit and well now, she claims it to be the best work of her life, and says that it kept her above the surface during the painful chemo!

Reportingdrone by foodmaniacs was recently in an interactive session with Rachna, courtesy: Delhi Book Lovers!

Being from a small town, she puts forward the gaps between the two separate types of lifestyle carried out. Be it the way people speak in Allahabad, or the ample amount of time the people of Lucknow have to redo a scene because they want a different answer to the question they asked, to the hustle bustle of the city life.

The fact that Allahabad and Lucknow are just 200kms away, yet the cultural difference amazes her!

She has had been residing in many different cities, Allahabad in her earlier years, Lucknow for a brief period, and Japan for work!

Her personal choice as to settle down in one of these cities would be Lucknow.

Lucknow, for the love to the lip smacking food that they have there, and to die for tehzeeb.  She also quoted an instance where a shopkeeper’s first word to her was ‘Hukum’ as soon as she settles down in his shop.

In one of her letters to her daughter on the blog, who appeared for her 10th boards this year, she asks her to do things that are considered a sin in the board year like writing a song, dancing in the rain, watching the clouds, and learn to be happy!

On a one to one conversation with her, she says after seeing death so closely; it has become so important for her to just live life to the fullest, without worrying about what might happen in the future, reaping each moment of life as it comes!

While excerpt reading, Rachna laughed a lot herself when a little kid who accompanied his parents asked what the term means when she mentioned, ‘Ladies problem’.

The excerpts that were read out gave an idea of how fun the book would be, and how hard it would leave one laughing. She doesn’t believe in getting a celebrity to market her book or asking other authors to promote it, but to get honest reviews from regular readers.

Grab this laugh – o – coaster from your nearest bookstores or order from Flipkart/Amazon!


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