Reviving the art of writing: Chambers of Ink brings world renowned PaperBlanks and Paper-Oh to India


Reviving the art of writing: Chambers of Ink brings world renowned PaperBlanks and Paper-Oh to India

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamouring to become visible. ~Vladimir Nabakov

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

On Launch of PaperBlanks and Paper-Oh Padmashri Ms. Shovana Narayan, renowned Kathak dancer, Ms. Sukriti Jiwarajka, Founder and CEO, Chambers of Inks, Padmashri Ms. Anjum Chopra, former Captain, Indian Women Cricket Team a.JPG


Since ancient times writing and chronicling have been more than just putting words on a sheet of paper. It has always been a well developed art which needed the right balance of everything involved with writing, including, the paper.

Even today best of poets, writers and storytellers long for that uniquely crafted sheet of paper, notebook, and diary which will help them create those time-defying prose and verses. The right tool can elevate one’s creativity and productivity.

Aiming to revitalize the art of writing, journaling and chronicling, Chambers of Ink has introduced world renowned Hartley and Marks’ quality range of notebooks, diaries and journals to India. Under the partnership, Hartley and Marks will offer its range of ‘PaperBlanks’ and ‘Paper-Oh’ products to the Indian customers.

Ms. Sukriti Jiwarajka, Founder and CEO, Chambers of Inks and Mr. José Andrada, Head, Hartley & Marks, India were present during the launch at The Lodi – The Garden Restaurant in New Delhi. The program was graced by Padmashri Ms. Shovana Narayan, renowned Kathak dancer and Padmashri Ms. Anjum Chopra, former Captain, Indian Women Cricket Team.

Talking about the launch and Chambers of Ink’s vision, Sukriti Jiwarajka said, “There is therapy in putting pen to paper. Blank pages, just waiting to be filled are one of the most beautiful things in this world. It’s like your story is waiting to be written. Chambers of Ink aims to inspire people to write again. We are extremely glad to introduce PaperBlanks and Paper-Oh to the Indian market. Chambers of Ink is a platform that brings together brands that do some really incredible, meaningful stationery.”

Talking about the Hartley and Marks products range, she added, “At Hartley and Marks for over 20 years now, they’ve been making some beautiful writing journals that celebrate human artistry & craft. It’s amazing because these journals are inspired right from French textile patters to Persian binding art to Japanese lacquer boxes right here to embroidery from Gujarat. It’s incredible how they go world over and imbibe their art.

Jose Andrada, Head, Hartley & Marks, India, said, “Coming to the Indian market was a much awaited step and we are very happy to begin our association with a country which has such rich history and interesting stories to document, chronicle and share. Even though India is the youngest country, the people here have a deep sense of respect for their past. While they are modern and futuristic in their approach, they respect their history,” said.

Talking about his outlook for the Indian market, he added, “The product offerings by Hartley and Marks suits all age and groups and people here can easily relate to our diverse range of designs. We are very optimistic about launching our product here and we look forward to entering new markets here.”

Chambers of Ink has planned to tie-up with selected retail outlet in coming days but initially all product will be available on Chambers of Ink’s portal across country.

PaperBlank: All products are created by trained designers who love to create and who appreciate the rich artistic history of human culture. The covers are long lasting and are like a time capsule that one treasure’s for a lifetime. The process uses acid-free, sustainable forest paper and 100 % recycled binder boards.

Paper-Oh: A creative team consisting of over 80 people laboured for over five years to design quality notebooks with functional features. In order to make them more flexible, the notebooks are Smyth sewn with minimal glue. The writing paper is sourced 100% from sustainable forests and is uncoated, meaning it is left natural with no added veneer.

About Chambers of Inks

Chambers of Ink is an effort to bring back the romanticism of writing with a beautiful collection of writing journals. The art of journaling should be detached from the distractions of technology. The company is inviting everyone to join revive the beauty of putting ink to paper. The journals are inspired from past era, the long history of book-binding and from contemporary paintings & themes. Chamber’s artistic collection of journals will motivate everyone to put your own story down.



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