“Woman’s Era 16th Mega Family Car rally”

Flag off by Mr. Divesh Nath & Shyam Sharma.jpg

Woman’s Era 16th Mega Family Car rally, which took place on 11th September, 2016 at Tivoli Garden Chattarpur Delhi.  An annual sporting event for the family that was based on the time, distance and speed formula. The idea was to promote the togetherness in the family. They drive around Delhi on a fun and exciting route, in a monitored speed format. It was a Navigational Speed, Distance and Time Control Car Rally. It was differ from a race. The competitors in a rally had to find their way through the course using only Guiding Route Maps, given at the time of Flag-off to all participants.

Dressed in their Sunday best, it was a pleasure watching so many more women drivers ready to conquer the roads of Delhi with the winning spirit and some people wearing such amazing costumes to compete in the fancy dress competition.  People from all walks of life came forward to take part in the rally. From retired men and elderly women to students and homemakers to professionals and high-end fashionistas, the enthusiasm of the people was the main highlight of the rally.


Shri Shyam Sharma (Mayor South Delhi), Kartar Singh Tanwar along with Divesh Nath, Editor & Publisher, Woman’s Era magazine and Director, Delhi Press flagged off and declared the car rally started. While speaking to the press Shri Shyam Sharma in his sporty attitude said, “Woman’s Era is doing great in the direction of promoting the women drivers and uniting the families by providing them with such a fun weekend out from stress”. Divesh Nath shared with the media how the whole idea of uniting families through a fun-filled weekend was discovered and he shed light on the rally being 100% secure as per safety as the participants are judged on three important parameters of time, distance and speed.

The Tivoli Garden sported a festive atmosphere with honking of cars, high pitched voices of children and women chit-chatting and receiving last minute instructions from their husbands. It provided the laughter and music that the participants have been witnessing each year since 2001.  Nearly 120 cars participated in the rally this year. For some first-timers, this was a time to meet new people and be part of a unique experience while for some veterans it was only to catch up and try to win that spot they missed last year.


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