Skeyndor Completes its Fiftieth Birthday with a Bash to Remember



Skeyndor Completes its Fiftieth Birthday with a Bash to Remember

In the present dynamics of glamour, skincare is indeed a significant part of our beauty regimes. In search of quality and absolute skincare, Skeyndor has created a solid statement in the world of absolute unadulterated skincare. And this year it reached its fiftieth birthday that witnessed its elaborate and grand celebrations in Eros Hotel, Nehru Place. With a mission of metamorphosing the skin of women with quality skin care products, Skeyndore has indeed lived up to its promised aim, “Changing Skin, Changing Lives.” The 3rd Dermaster Program 2016 was organised as a part of the extended celebrations of Skeyndor’s completion of 20 years.

A Cherished Evening

The evening sparked off on a bright note where beauty experts from different parts of India flew and made it to Delhi to congratulate and offer its wishes on Skeyndor’s birthday of 50 glorious years.  Ms. Margaret Beales the Master of Cosmetic Science also came down from Spain to groom and share knowledge about Skeyndor products and their various potential uses. She was also witnessed to launch a new member in Skeyndor’s family, “Derma Peel Pro’

Eminent Guests

The evening marked its success with the presence of distinguished figures from the beauty world beginning from representatives of reputed salons like Geetanjali , Bridgette Jones, Page 3, Identity Salon etc. Mr. Ravi Mittal, founder of ECL and exclusive importer and exporter of Skeyndor and Priyanka Tyagi, the head of Skeyndor Cosmetics in India were also present as a part of the program.


A One to One Session with FoodManiacs

In a candid session with ReportingDrone by FoodManiacs, all of them shared their valuable opinions about Skeyndor’s completion of 50 years of skincare globally and 5 years in India nationally.

Ms. Margaret Beales ” It is a joyous occasion for all of us here as we are celebrating the golden jubilee of Skeyndor. It’s time to remember and cherish 50 golden years of the brand. The things that truly stand out and define its remarkable journey for the last 50 years are innovation, science and beauty. They have all contributed to its learning every day and made it an expert in understanding skin and skin care like no one does.”

Even Priyanka Tyagi remarked how she feels proud to be associated with Skeyndor’s family and expressed her sheer happiness on Skeyndor’s success. She also shared how Skeyndor holds skincare products for all purposes irrespective of age or working status.

Mr. Ravi Mittal, founder of ECL and exclusive importer and exporter of Skeyndor says, “ What makes the occasion doubly delightful for us is that this year we also complete 5 years of Skeyndor’s presence in India. I can proudly say that in such a short time we have won hearts of professionals and customers who vouch for its efficacy, quality and results”.

The evening boasted of absolute sessions of entertainment with retro dances and interesting games and finally saw its conclusion with a sumptuous dinner.


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