Caress your tresses with Loreal


Loreal is a brand which need not be defined but can only be loved. All the girls who love their hair have one more reason to love Loreal now. This brand never fails to impress with any of its product and know how to take care of its customers’ needs, so has continued to maintain that impression with a new range of profiber treatment products.

To touch maximum people at once, Nirmal Randhawa’s Indica Makeover Studio in association with L’oreal Paris initiated a free camp for hair and scalp testing on 6th August 2016 at the Rani Baug center.

The camp’s focus was to launch L’oreal Paris new hair product ‘Pro Fiber’ at Indica Makeover Studio. The L’oreal crew provided a free hair and scalp testing and solutions to problems. Also, they provided a free shampoo and conditioner treatment according to the hair type. The camp witnessed a lot of house makers, college going girls, and many working ladies. In the end all had happy faces with beautiful and shiny tresses.


My own experience was nothing less than amazing. First my scalp was tested and later L’oreal professional told me that my hair damage was on stage one where my hair looks dull and without any shine. So, I was treated with Loreal’s profiber hair shampoo and conditioner. After the treatment my hair looked just the way i always desired, straight and shiny. I could actually love each tress and play with them.


The best part about these hair products is, the effect of the whole treatment stays as long as for four washes. It isn’t going to get over just when you step out of your salon. Isn’t it what every woman desires for?? No heck of running back to the salon to maintain the treatment.

So what are you waiting for ladies??? Step out and set your hair just as you wish to and be the night glam at your next party!!


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