Embrace the Tango-Milonga



Not a single soul could stay glued to their seats in the city when Tango Maestros Kiran Sawhney and Eduardo graced the space with their subtle moves at the official launch of Delhi Milango at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place.


Kiran Sawhney, the founder of New Delhi Tango School (NDTS) – the only school to teach the sophisticated art of tango in the city speaks of it as a sensual and healing form of dance. Tango is a powerful dance; it is earthy and dramatic and is danced in an embrace. Also described as stylized walking, the walk has a ‘stalking’ nature with dramatic gestures. Steps are based heavily on improvisation, there are no set steps. Movements are sometimes slow and slithery, sometimes abrupt with quick foot flicks and head turns. Tango is danced anti-clockwise around the outside of the dance floor.

‘Milonga’ a word that has many meanings is actually an Argentinian ballroom dance; the forerunner of the tango. Here it is referred to a place or an event at which milonga is danced. The event commenced with all the bloggers getting together to learn the basics and trying to get into the sync of it. The Lounge & Bar with its dim lights, soothing music and an interior beaming with red and white candles made for a perfect setting for such an event.

Besides bumping into the chairs, bar counters and into each other, all of us giggled and with all their sincerity tried to learn the moves. We were so engrossed in getting the moves perfect that we all forgot about the food and drinks. The highlight was the impromptu performance by the two maestros. We also got the privilege to dance one on one with the maestros. Eduardo, who is a Minister at The Embassy of Mexico and has been engaged in dance since 12 years and also teaches the students of NDTS. As I danced with him he kept leading and shared some tips as to how to bring finesse to the moves. He is an excellent teacher and the smallest of compliment from him made me feel extremely glad.

What we also got to know is that Tango and meditation have some similarities. Tango dancers with much of internal focus gain mindfulness and a state of peace just like all those who practice meditation. In other words, tango dancers might be able to enter into a flow state  as described by experienced mediators.

It’s not a kick-up-your-heels kind of dance, it is more about stability, precision and combining the sassiest of moves with utmost elegance. Delhiites can now participate, enjoy and learn this beautiful art as The Tango Milonga is here to stay and will be in session for a few weeks at the Eros Hotel, Nehru Place.
















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