The Casual side of STEFANO RICCI

~Inspired by Goethe’s Theory of Colours, the designer’s imaginative series of work brings to light the subtle craftsmanship shown in the Italian design~


From a casual Golf look to a formal Evening wear and from Dinner jackets to elegant Royal Ball bow ties, Stefano Ricci caters to a casual dressing look never seen before. Inspired by Goethe’s shining work titled ‘Theory of Colours,’ Italian designer Stefano Ricci introduced a brand new line up of male clothing that is a melange of classical and eclectic pieces. Taking a cue from the many shades of the Tuscan sun coupled with the elegant colours of Florence art, the collection is a refreshing representative of the designer’s muse with distinguished quality in every piece.  Stefano Ricci blends his tasteful luxury with the most dynamic moments of the shades of day, featuring a treasure of handmade clothing ranging from bright variations of colour palettes from numerous renaissance painters that are intense, refined and enhanced by the three-dimensional expertise of the fabrics, knitwear and leathers.


With the skill and evolution of Stefano Ricci’s work, here are some of the pristinely tailored works by the leading designer:


A two button jacket made with exclusive SR cashmere and silk, three button polo made with SR silk and linen joined by cotton jeans with leather details and a hand printed luxury handkerchief which is a 100% SR silk with handmade suede lace up boots.


A woollen, silk and linen blouson with perforated leather details paired with a 100% SR cotton casual shirt and sport trousers made with wool and cotton. Handmade driver hat and suede car shoes with SR matted crocodile details.




100% silk Blouson with exclusive silk and cotton casual shirt paired with five pocket cotton jeans and a trio of handmade pieces- baseball cap of high tech silken with exclusive SR matted crocodile details, suede and calfskin sneakers with perforated leather details and engraved calfskin backpack.



Hooded Blouson nappa lather with perforated details paired with a 100% exclusive SR silk with SR matted crocodile details jogging suit and three button polo made pf 100% SR silk with SR matted crocodile details and Olympia sneakers of exclusive SR matted crocodile and high tech silk.



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