Oceedee – Designer Shoes For You, By You !

Own your Obsession with Oceedee

 Designer Shoes For You, By You! ~

Neha & Anshul

very fashion conscious woman has it; every perfectionist has it. All models, stylists, actors and divas have it. In fact, it’s the new tag line for your look – Oceedee. Deciding your trend, creating your look and walking your style statement, making heads turn is what makes it ‘Your OCD’. Gone are the days when being picky and fussy was a big ‘NO NO’, every girl now carries her own stylish OCD.

Fashionistas always seek the perfect, most fashionable pair of shoes and sometimes they have to compromise on it. That’s where Oceedee comes in, fashion without compromise. It is an Indian bespoke footwear brand for ladies that allows them to design their perfect pair of shoes online. Oceedee offers aspiring women an exclusive and premium pair of shoes that are customized to deliver perfection. Its exquisite capsule collections have fashionable, bold, and sensual designs to choose from or customize in its virtual 3D studio technology to design their own shoes. Oceedee’s virtual design technology allows you to envision your masterpiece, personalize it and preview it simultaneously. The brand specializes in flats, heels, wedges, sandals, boots, brogues, etc and is the epitome of exclusivity in designs, premium leathers and eloquent craftsmanship.


Oceedee believes shoemaking is an art and every woman has a shoe artist hidden inside her that is roaring to get out and unleash her creativity, literally one step at a time. They want women to be their own shoe artists and exercise the freedom to claim their style. The brand is innovating a new shoe shopping experience for women. Be it the smell of leather or touch of suede, stunning bling or sophisticated lace, comfortable flats or sky high heels, whatever makes you tick, shall be yours with just a click. Oceedee’s bespoke footwear is meticulously handcrafted using superior craftsmanship in order to achieve precision with comfort. Half sizes, flatfoot, broad toes, narrow feet, feet too big or too small are no longer an excuse to suffer in silence.


The online 3D studio provides an awe-inspiring, yet easy and fun, design experience with infinite possibilities in the offering. Designs are handmade within four weeks as your dream shoes are translated into reality and delivered right to your doorstep. This innovation is the result of relentless research of raw materials, conceptualization of exclusive designs and efforts put in to build an advanced technology platform.

Black & Gold Platform Heels


Further, the brand also offers a unique ‘Design on Demand’ service that enables you to book an appointment for a one-on-one session with their team of experts, discuss your designs in detail and personally customize your footwear down to the last detail. Oceedee brings together exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to deliver your utopian pair, that looks like a dream and feels like an extension of you. It aims to become a leading homegrown ladies footwear brand that is recognized globally.


Oceedee’s concept was inspired by Ms Neha Kumthekar’s (Co-Founder & Managing Director) own personal experiences. “I had always loved shoes, but I was constantly struggling to find the perfect pair that feels good and looks great. I just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Either it wasn’t quite the right color, the right heel type or height or the right size. There was always something missing. To solve this problem for me and other women in India, Anshul and I set out to create a unique shoe shopping experience and conceptualized a High Fashion Footwear brand that allows women to customize their own shoes and never compromise on fashion again. Oceedee was born so no shoe-lover ever has to wish for a lower or higher heel, different colors or more or less embellishment. They’ll never see their shoes on anyone else. And they’ll never, ever walk home with their heels in their hands again!


Commenting on the brand and its significance, Mr Anshul Sood (CEO & Co-Founder), said “We at Oceedee believe that a woman should never let an ‘if only’ get in the way of absolute perfection. Really, the only way to stop dreaming about that beautiful pair of shoe is to own it. Our core value is ‘customer focus’ and we strive to provide them with exceptional and genuine service. The concept of hand-cut and hand-made is extremely important at Oceedee. We have a team of shoe experts ready to let your imagination come alive and offer the highest level of quality in the process.


Oceedee has recently collaborated with designers Garo and Indigenecraft at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort ’16. In the past, they have also featured at the Lakme Fashion Week through collaborations with designers including P.E.L.L.AAarti Vijay Gupta, and Kanika Goyal Label.


The bespoke collection prices start from Rs. 5999/- onwards and vary on the basis of the customization desired.


Oceedee welcomes you to embark on the journey of finding your best fit and watch as they translate your dream shoes into a reality. Just log onto www.oceedee.com and find the perfect shoe, inspired by you!


www.oceedee.com is compatible only with desktops and tablets as of now. They will soon be on your mobiles as well.


Your design. Your size. Your perfect shoes.



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