EffingutBrewerkz launches app to celebrate the IPL Fever



– Unique app to avail discounts on F&B through match predictions during screenings

– App available on Google Play & Apple App Store



Pune, April 2016: Looking for a perfect hangout with awesome discounts this IPL season? Look no more! EffingutBrewerkz, the legendary craft brewery from Pune recently announced the launch of its “EffingutBrewerkz” app to celebrate the IPL fever. The app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. It will give users a unique chance to avail discounts on F&B items through match prediction games on the app during IPL screenings at the restaurant. The games can be played during the cricket matches, throughout the IPL season. Users also get to avail a free beer on downloading the app at the restaurant! The fastest correct answers in every round will also win additional prizes from the restaurant such as shot glasses, more free beer, etc.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manu Gulati ofEffingutBrewerkz, says, “The app is an effort to offer our new and existing patrons something to rejoice about this IPL season. People like watching and cheering their favorite teams in groups. This app will certainly be a bonus when it comes to enjoying the cricket fever and availing discounts together at our fine craft brewery. After all, we love to see our customers and their friends enjoying the Effingut experience, where this app places well with our other special offerings!


So what are you waiting for?

Get to your favorite beer destination to enjoy this IPL season like never before!


What: EffingutBrewerkz Cricket App

Where: EffingutBrewerkz, Lane Number 6, Koregaon Park

When: Entire IPL season




Process to play the Prediction Game:


– The patron downloads the app, opens it, signs in via Facebook and enters a code given by the steward from the counter. Upon downloading the app, the patron gets an SMS with their Effin ID. When they give this ID to their steward, they earn a free beer. Note that the SMS with a new ID and a free beer will only be sent to new users.


– Once the code is accepted, the patron can start playing the match. They can first answer the ‘Predictions’ (or ‘big questions’) which are 3-5 questions on how the match will unfold. These questions can only be answered once during the match.


– Each correct answer gets them ‘Effin Points’, which can be used as a discount on their next visit (every 100 Effin Points can be redeemed for INR 10, with a maximum redemption of 5000 points or INR 500 in one bill).


– However, the points awarded for a correct answer changes as per the outcome of the match. This makes it a match prediction game where the available points vary on the live performances in the match.


– Apart from the Predictions, users will also get ‘Bouncers’ (‘snap questions’) during the match. Multiple questions can be asked in a round and must be quickly answered (similar to a fastest finger first). Correct answers are awarded points and the fastest correct answers in every round will win prizes from Effingut (shot glasses, a free beer, etc.). One match would have 2-4 rounds of 4-5 questions each.


– At the end of every match, users get an SMS and an Email informing them of the points they won that day.




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