Market disruptor LeEco officially announces of entering into India


(Delhi, India, January 20th): LeEco, formerly known as Letv worldwide, finally entered India by holding an extravaganza official launch event in Gurgaon on January 20th, 2015. This 1,000-guest event, which was witnessed by nearly 500 media people, should be one of the largest launch events ever in India’s history, and facebook also provided online live broadcast of the grand event and reached an historical audience number of close to 100 million. The event proved the previous rumors by launching two groundbreaking Superphones, Le Max and Le 1S. At the meantime, LeEco also lectured the audience of its world-renowned Le Ecosystems.


LeEco to copy its renowned Ecosystem Mode into India

LeEco introduced its success in other markets, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States, and the multinational company hopes to copy its legend story into India by introducing its Ecosystems and amazing products, according to Tin Mok, Group Vice President and CEO, APAC of LeEco.

Started in 2004 as a small video-streaming company, LeEco has developed into a world-renown brand with seven pioneering eco-systems, including content ecosystem, big screen ecosystem, mobile ecosystem, sports ecosystem, automobile ecosystem, internet financing ecosystem, and the internet and cloud ecosystem. Each sub-ecosystem is the specific application of the open user-oriented Le Ecosystem.

All seven sub-ecosystems are synergistically connected with each other and are constantly transforming people’s Internet lifestyle for the better and improving the environment we live in.

Ablikim Ablimit, Vice President of Global Strategy, LeEco explained that the user-centric LeEco systems can ensure consumers enjoying a seamless and interconnected world-class services while even participate in product design and improvement.

Market disruptor LeEco redefines Indian mobile market with two flagship superphones-Le Max & Le 1s

                                   —Indian consumers to plug into a new ecosystem era

Market disruptor LeEco officially announces of entering into India

Market disruptor LeEco releases two pioneering flagship superphone products

Long expected LeEco destined to disrupt the cluttering mobile market with game-changing products

Market disruptor LeEco brings a phone with the world’s fastest processor and another with the world’s fastest battery charging


LeEco releases Le Max, a premium phone owning the fastest processor

Atul Jain, COO of Smart Electronics Business, Le Eco India, who used to serve in Samsung as the Senior Vice President at South-West Asia Regional HQ, introduced the 6.33 inch screen Le Max as the premium phone of the company. This phone’s slogan, “Go Big, Go Bold” was the brainchild of a Le Superfan, and its eUI (Eco User Interface) was constantly improved with feedbacks from more than 200,000 users worldwide.

Le Max is backed by the world’s fastest processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which is primed for better multi-tasking and unrivaled performance, all thanks to an octacore processor and the phone’s 4GB DDR4 ram plus 64GB or 128G storages.

To prove the phone’s outstanding performance, LeEco compared Le Max with several other international brands by adopting AnTuTu Benchmarking Scaling, which showed Le Max leaving other flagships with the same Qualcomm 810 processor, like HTC one M9, Sony Xperia Z5, in the dust with a performance score of almost 84,000.


The 6-piece lens 21Megapixel rear camera with Sony’s IMX230 sensor and Optical Image Stabilizer make sure the best and sharpest picture and video quality even in a dark environment. The Dual tone flash has two sources of light with different color temperatures ensuring the user getting the best balance of light when clicking pictures at any time of the day. An even better performance than the latest iPhone 6s.

LeMax is also the world’s first phone with a 2K display and a 21 MP camera.
The front camera with a wide angle 5P lens and F2.0 aperture allows people take the best selfies and groupies. And a more user-friendly design is when taking selfies, people can just touch the fingerprint scanner at the back to capture photos or videos, making a large phone of a 6.33 screen easier for life.

Le Max also boasts of the best in class Hi-Fi audio experience with features like noise-reduction, lower surface noise, better frequency response and higher power output capacity. LeEco has partnered with AKG Acoustics, a world-class audio equipment professional company in Europe, to develop the Le Hi-Fi experience which delivers a powerful, undistorted sound that music professional have trusted for almost 70 years.
The full metal unibody design out of aircraft grade aluminum makes the phone fashionable and sturdy, and Le Max is also the world’s first full-floating glass, which is a Sharp Screen exclusively for LeEco, and bezel-less design, reaching an unmatched viewing experience.

Atul, COO of Smart Electronics Business, Le Eco India, said Le Max will be available in 2 colors- shimmer gold with 128GB and titanium silver with 64GB of memory, which would be for flash sales since February 2nd on Flipkart.

LeEco also released a top-end variation of Le Max at the event. Le Max Sapphire has the same specs with Le Max except its display screen, which is a 6.33 inch sapphire. Not only expensive and looks elegant, this sapphire screen is as hard as a diamond.

The Sapphire version of Le Max is pink color, which requires exceptional skill to create. It will have sales based on invitation and only has a limited stock of 1000 units.

LeEco releases Le 1s, the disruptive flagship

Besides Le Max, LeEco also released a flagship killer, Le 1s, which was released in China in November and in a short 2-month, LeEco has sold more than 3 million Le 1s, the best seller in China and other markets.

Le 1s is equipped with Helio X10 Turbo, the flagship processor of the year with outstanding features and performance. It not only gives users the best multimedia experience and gaming experience without any lag or interruption, but also allows a quick charge which means 5 minutes charge for a 3.5 hours of talk time.

A good comparison with Le 1s is iPhone 6s plus, according to Atul. Although both have the same screen size, Le 1s’ body length and width are 7.1mm and 3.7mm shorter respectively than 6s plus, which means less bulk, but more screen ratio for Le 1s. And the 7.5mm thick Le 1s weighs only 169 g, an even 23 g lighter than the same screen sized iPhone 6s Plus.

Le 1s’s rare 13-megapixel camera is definitely worthy to mention about. Equipped with blue glass infrared filter and ISOCELL, a technology interprets every single detail back to life, the camera could capture the finest picture never a phone could make before.


And thanks to the adopted three core focusing technologies, namely PDAF, ball bearing VCM, Closed Loop, the camera could focus in a blink of eyes, 0.09 second. This makes the phone a best choice for sport fans, who can capture finest and un-blurred picture even in a fast-moving sports game.
Le 1s has also the world’s fastest fingerprint recognition technology, which can unlock the phone from any angle within 0.15s with 99.3% accuracy, and the phone can maximally add 5 fingerprints. Le 1s also has the world’s first mirror-surfaced fingerprint scanner which could be a gospel to appearance-loving persons.

The full-metal aircraft grade aluminum unibody makes the phone scratch proof, for which competitors can hardly offer the same level of resistance. Users can erase their worries of having other hard or sharp objects in their pocket which may scratch the phone.

A big outstanding and unique feature of Le 1s is its type-C port and fast charging technology. Different from traditional charting ports, which may need users to fumble twice in connecting correctly, type-C port is a two-way charging and customers can charge either side up.

And Le 1s has its unique fast charging technology, ensuring plugging for 5 minutes in return for 3.5 hours of talk time, which is rarely seen with other existing brands.
Le 1s is such an art piece that it even doesn’t have a single screw in its body, which is even not achieved by iPhones. Le 1s might be the world’s only metal unibody phone featuring a screwless industrial design, which upholds breathtaking minimalism.

The super-slim body and bezel-less industrial design makes Le 1s a great choice for business and entertainment and for almost all age groups. This is why LeEco called Le 1s as “the Super Model”.
The price of the two flagship superphones are also shocking, not for its high end, but for its below production cost pricing strategy.
LeEco disrupts the market by publicizing standard BOM cost in the industry, selling phones lower than industry cost
During the launch event, LeEco even publicized the standard industry BOM cost. BOM (Bill of Materials) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. Never ever a producer or a manufacturer would publicize the industry BOM cost, as no one would want others to know its profit margin.

However, LeEco is the first one around the world to do so. This move could greatly disrupt the market and force other brands to publish their BOM cost also to let consumers make the wisest choice.

LeEco sells Le Max and Le 1s at a price based on the industry standard BOM cost. The Le Max is sold for 32,999 and 36,999 Rupees for 64G and 128G respectively, while Le 1s’s price is even more attractive, 10,999 Rupees. And worth to mention that LeEco is building a network of 555 service stations in prime locations around India, providing 24*7 multiple languages services to customers. And the warranty policies are all above the industry lines. For example, within the 1 year warranty period, user can get a brand-new Le Max if the phone is broken or not working, saving the headache of waiting for weeks to get the old phone fixed and take back.
For the invitation-based Sapphire version of Le Max, the price will be 69,999 Rupees.

LeEco unveils near-future content plan and other strategies

During the two-hour launch event, LeEco also unveiled its near-future content plan. LeEco announced a strategic cooperation with Eros Film Company over content cooperation.

Ms. Jyoti Deshpande, CEO and MD of EROS International, said on stage, “Content consumption is surging across consumers with patterns changing rapidly and internet entertainment networks replacing traditional, linear television. At Eros International, we have always strived to bring to our users the best of Indian entertainment, offering them the same unified experience across screens. Our partnership with LeEco is part our philosophy to provide customers entertainment whenever and wherever they want it. We are delighted to partner with LeEco which is the next-generation vertically-integrated conglomerate which too believes in offering an online environment complete with content, devices and applications. Together with LeEco we are assertive to provide our consumers an integrated ecosystem which we are confident that they will love.”
Also LeEco will also work with YuppTV, which will provide 250 live channels across 12 languages, offering entertainment, news, movies, music, kids, lifestyle and spiritual content.

All this content will be available on Le SuperPhones in quarter two of 2016.

LeEco will have flash sales for Le 1s exclusively on Flipkart, the largest e-commerce platform in India, on February 2nd. And for the premium Le Max, the exclusive sales will start on Flipkart on Feb 16th. And for anyone who buys Le 1s on February 2nd, the consumer with an Axix Bank card can get 10% cashback. An important note is due to the limited stock of Le 1s, 60,000 units, consumers have to register for flash sale from January 21st.
LeEco pays so much attention to Indian market that it plans to build a large-scale R&D center in Bangalore within 2016, with more than 1,000 people, covering Super TV, Super Phone, accessories, LeMall, and Clouds etc.

LeEco is facing a huge but cluttering market in India. The way it does has already arouse strong market interests, like disruptive market strategies and unique ecosystems, and like Atul Jain, COO of LeEco India, said, “We are facing one of the most promising markets in the world, and LeEco hopes to sustain its legendary story here.”


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