Grocery Bag


Bored of hearing complaints about how the raisins just don’t taste good enough? How the pulses no matter how expensive and how well made just fail to impress you or your family members, especially your parents who just cannot stop gushing about the quality of the pulses from Khari Baoli? We at Grocery Bag, understand why you shop at the local store for your pulses and dry fruits, for convenience!

Don’t worry, your wishes (or your parents) have finally been answered, Khari Baoli with all its goodness is just a click away.

Started in July 2015, Grocery Bag ( is an extension of a legacy, a favorite amongst its customer’s since almost 200 years. The business based in Khari Baoli, the largest marketplace for grains and spices in the whole of Asia has been delivering the best grains and spices to its customers all over Delhi.

Their extensive experience in the dealing of grains, dry-fruits, spices and pulses has given them an edge to be the best in what they do. They have a hybrid marketplace model, where in each order is procured on‘On-demand’ basis from wholesalers who are carefully chosen for their expertise in specific product category. This allows Grocerybagto provide the best quality at a great price while maintaining limited working capital requirement and higher profit margins, making it a win-win for all!

Ayush Jain and TusharTyagi, currently leading the business derive inspiration from the functionality and easy to use products of Apple, which though technologically advanced have created a special place in the hearts of its customers because of their user friendliness. They plan on doing the same with their idea which they say is a specialized grocery model augmented through a convenient technology platform rather than a technology company supplying groceries.The founders observed that despite having technology at hand and easy access to organized retail chains, millions of people were still making monthly or weekly trips to chaotic yet specialized markets like Khari Baoli, INA etc- just in search for right products& quality. On the other hand, many people who had chosen convenience over quality were still conscious of the fact that they can get better quality products from such markets. Eureka!the idea of Grocery Bag was conceived- combining both quality and convenience.

As per Ayush, they have tried to put up the most relevant product categories on their portal with a very user friendly interface in order to give a seamless experience to customers. Apart from the regular branded products, their forte lies in a large number of specialized, local and rare products, which wereavailable onlyin specialized market till now. So next time you wish to eat Punjab kagur, Rajasthani Kair Sangri or even healthy quinoa you know where to get the ingredients from.

When asked about their future plans, they very confidently explained that their love for food drives them and will continue to do so. Their confidence is boosted by the fact that they have customer retention as high as 40% in the current model.

Their vision is to create the most trusted brand in edible grocery retailing.

Eventually, they wish to make it an omni-channel model with small retail stores supplied through a hub and spoke model, and backed by their online portal.

With high hopes from this business, they told that they wish to see their stores highly customized and dynamic in their product offerings as per each locality’s consumption pattern, determined by the purchase data obtained from their e-commerce and retail stores over time.Customers will be free to choose the mode of buying grocery, online, offline or a combination of both. And while that might take a little bit of time, they plan on winning their customers over with their existing model which takes convenience shopping to another level for all the Delhiites (for now).



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