The Fashion Stylist – Celebrity designer Shalini Saluja

Shalini Saluja – Celebrity Fashion Designer


Shalini Saluja with Her Designs

Shalini Saluja is a trendsetter. She defines fashion trends for the savvy.  Fashion Trends for 2016 India are going to be dictated by the youth who is a traveler , an entrepreneur , who is connected with her roots but exposed to the latest technical advancements and yet in a way leads a robotic lifestyle. She is the kind who is also open to experiments but knows the difference between absurdity and trendy !

Ms. Shalini Saluja, an engineer by education, and a fashionist by profession launched her venture, Indie Cotton Route, two decades ago. Shalini was deeply influenced by the overwhelming dynamics and rich heritage of the Indian culture. Smitten by the variety of fabric available, the folk art forms, thread-work, paintings and architectural nuances; Shalini decided to bid adieu to her well paying corporate job as an Electronics and Communication Engineer, and engrossed herself into fabricating designer wear for enterprising and independent women of today. Shalini currently runs Indie Cotton Route (an ethnic brand), that creates designer wear and home furnishings.

She wonderfully displays the colors, thread-work, and weaves of India through these exchanges. Indie Cotton Route originated as a result of sheer determination Shalini harbored as a young entrepreneur. Her concepts
and designs are unmatched especially concerning fabric and colour combinations. Shalini’s collection witnesses a global fan following. She designs contemporary, fusion and Indian wear for women of all ages. Her studio in a plush New Delhi locality, beholds the fashion preferences of
numerous head honchos, entrepreneurs, NRIs, celebrities, trendsetters, travellers, anchors, models, bureaucrats, diplomats and divas who leave an indelible imprint on the minds of millions.

Shalini Saluja with her Designs1

Shalini’s latest Fall-Winter 2015 collection entitled ,’The Royal Drama’ unveiled rich fabrics such as velvets, brocades, pashminas, and ‘Banaras’’s’ that have has been embellished with copper, silver, gold ‘Gota’ and ‘Kundan’ embroideries. This spots an imperial yet vernal look! The wonderful rendezvous of fabric and embroideries on kurta’s, blouses, potlis, pants and dupattas combine to entwine a magical feel. This collection was displayed at The British High Commission, New Delhi recently that received
huge response from women.

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About Indie Cotton Route

Trade routes have existed for centuries. More than pathways to destinations, these routes have been avenues through which ideas, technology, cultures, customs and friendships have been exchanged and developed between the east and the west. Based on a similar idea, Indie Cotton Route aims to provide a course through which we hope to spread Indian culture and heritage through our products. We aspire to develop roots across the nations through what we do. We commenced with a small team of skilled, unskilled tailors and craftsmen who have acquired the necessary skills today.

Our Vision

We aim at working passionately and relentlessly towards collaborating with skilled craftsman from all over the country in order to create exquisitely intricate, handcrafted pieces. We also aspire to offer sustainable livelihood to the workers, making our trade commercially viable for everyone involved. We
research and use textiles from the farthest corners of India— Chanderi from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Dabu from Rajasthan, Bandhani from Gujarat, Brocade from Banaras, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, embroideries like Phulkari from Punjab , Kantha from West Bengal , Zardosi from Hyderabad
and Lucknow , Kutch embroidery from Gujarat, and Chikankari from Lucknow to create contemporary, wearable clothes, weaving allurement into our merchandise.
What You Take Away

Whenever you buy an Indie Cotton Route product, we share with you a piece of our history. You become an integral part of our family that encourages artisans to continue a legacy for centuries to follow. A part of your purchase goes back for the welfare of these artisans. At Indie Cotton Route, we offer bespoke sizing, at no extra cost. Our endeavor is to deliver the best possible cuts fitting your requisite and persona.
Recycling and Waste Management

We care for our environment. At Indie Cotton Route we try and recycle, most of the fabric remnants to make accessories such as jewellery, bags, belts, folders, diaries, photo-frames, scarves, stoles, patchwork clothes, and a lot more. Since these products are mixed and matched they have a unique
design appeal! “Come, discover India through Indie Cotton Route and celebrate its rich colour palette and traditional weaves and prints!”


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