Dry skin making you sigh? Moisturize and defy!

body lotion-1 

Dry, flaky skin is a big turn off. Be it any season, dry skin can be bothersome; it gets itchy, inflamed and sensitive. Applying any lotion only temporarily soothes the skin, but the cream either starts to run off with sweat or dries off quickly. The chemicals in the cream make your skin dependent on it, destroying the natural oil secreting glands in your skin. Shocked? If you want an all-natural solution for dry skin, we have it.

The organic hand of Mother Nature is here to pamper your skin. Organic Harvest Body Lotion is engineered with ECOCERT certified ingredients that are free of chemicals, fertilisers and herbicides. Containing natural moisturising actives obtained from tamarind seeds, this lightweight hydrating body lotion reduces skin sensitivity and roughness. The natural moisturising actives from the tamarind seeds moisturise your skin, making it smooth. The creamy lotion seeps into the deeper layers of skin, hydrating, revitalising, energising and protecting your skin.

Rub on some lightweight hydrating body lotion from Organic Harvest and experience moisturizing like never before!

The NATURAL MOISTURIZING ACTIVE, obtained from TAMARIND SEEDS, improves skin hydration and reduces skin roughness

It acts at two levels:

1)         A velvet film is formed on skin – Skin is more hydrated, day after day;

2)         The skin looks younger – Skin elasticity is increased while the roughness is decreased

This lightweight hydrating lotion instantly calms skin, and visibly reduces redness and sensitivity. It quenches deeper into your skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated skin. This multi-tasking moisturizer handles the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting to maintain skin’s momentum all day.

Available at: All major cities in India including exclusive Organic Harvest stores in Delhi as well as on prominent shopping websites.

Price: Rs. 695 (100ml)



Showshaa Nightclub presents PACHA IBIZA OFFICIAL JUICIEST NYE 2016 on 31st December 2015


 Taao Kross , Danny Wade and Punjabi MC




Showshaa nightclub bringing the most iconic NYE party of the country with Pacha Ibiza .This will be the juiciest NYE you’ve ever experience, with the 2 resident DJs of PACHA and Panjabi MC , full club concept, incredibly beautiful dancers and the cherry on top – this will be the party that will run the longest in DELHI NCR on the new years night.

David Guetta and DJTaao Kross .jpg


Delhi and Gurgaon folks, will dance to feet tapping, groove going and head banging grooves of DJ Taao Kross, DJ Danny Wade and Panjabi MC. Both will make you go wild and crazy as both of them shared the stage with the legendary Steve Aoki and David Guetta.


All party lovers should not miss a chance to get entertained at Showshaa Nightclub. The vibrant ambiance of Showshaa aims to conquer Delhi’s nightlife. The club is spread across more than 12,000 sq ft area with a 1600 sq ft stage, with its ground-breaking audio-visual technology. This is the only club in the city featuring an exclusive shot bar, hydraulic DJ console, spacious dance floor, massive performance stage and Aerial dancers.



Showshaa Nightclub with its electric ambiance and world class cuisine aims to attract party goers and food connoisseurs alike and what their appetite for more.

pmc -030105


So what are you waiting for? Crash in and get ready to groove into OFFICIAL PACHA IBIZA JUICIEST NYE 2016.



Packages: Pearl

Rs.9999 couple entry with unlimited food and liquor (Premium )


Rs.14,999 couple Entry with unlimited food and liquor(Imported)

Single: 5999 * with group only  

 Club Rules Apply  


Date: 31st December 2015

Contact Number: 8588811222 / +91 8588811333

Address: Showshaa Nightclub,Kingdom of Dreams,Sector 29

Time:10 pm onwards

HEPA Air Purifiers – KENT RO

When India Gasps for fresh air KENT RO introduces a whole new range of

HEPA Air Purifiers – Mission Breathe Pure

KENT Eternal

For Years, KENT RO ensured you Drink Pure, Now Breathe Pure Too

New Delhi: Are you Gasping for fresh air? With the pollution levels in India touching alarming heights and a new danger wreaking havoc in the city named as Smog, KENT RO Systems Ltd, has launched a whole new range of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) based Air Purifiers.

To combat indoor air pollution and ensuring healthier breathing, two new models have been introduced, KENT Aura Air Purifier and KENT Eternal Air Purifier. Both are HEPA Pure Technology Based Models that removes dangerous particulates from Air.

HEPA filters have the efficiency to catch and trap indoor carcinogens particles like PM 2.5 particulates (removes up-to 99.99 %), Pollen, Allergens, Surface adhering Mold, Fine Dust and clinging odors like Cigarette smoke, foul smells or pet odor. Unlike other purification technologies, which might emit chemicals or any plasma-formed bi-products, KENT superior HEPA Technology is a sure bet for you and your loved ones.

Addressing the severity of Air Pollution in the country and critical effects of Smog, Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd., said, “The city’s air quality has deteriorated sharply during the past few days. The high prevalence of pollution in India has caused a rise in cases of new onset of asthma or a degree of breathlessness. Understanding this serious concern, we have come out with a solution that will let you breathe Pure Air and ensure the health of your whole family.”


Going by the methodology, these air purifiers use a combination of purification systems as well as a set of filters. The three stage filtration process gives you an excellent level of Air Purification. Kent Air-Purifiers uses tested and trusted a unique designed PRE filter which catches and removes large particulate matter with high efficiency, Anti-bacterial coated ‘HEPA’ (high efficiency particulate arrestor) developed with superior Japanese technology, catches and traps SPM (suspended particulate matter) as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99 %. and ‘Specially treated/high grade adsorbent carbon media/ Catalytic Carbon adsorbent filter’ filter for purifying the indoor air.

KENT Aura Air Purifier is a smart device that cleanses air silently, unlike other purifiers. It uses dust sensors to monitor the quality of Air and works well in 270 sq ft rooms. It is capable of removing dust, allergens, chemicals, viruses, odors, and other indoor air pollutants from rooms at home and work. With an outstanding HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology from Japan with an inbuilt ionizer that keeps the air fresh, KENT Aura is an innovation in both performance and technology. For convenience, KENT Aura Air Purifier is pre-equipped with filter replacement indicators. The new KENT Aura Air Purifier is enabled with a child lock feature ensuring that the little monsters in your house don’t make any unwanted changes in settings of purifier. Priced at: Rs.


KENT Eternal Air Purifier comes with a higher capacity which is ideal for an area of 377 sq feet. That means you can purify area of your living room and lobby with this purifier ideally. This model has a blend of innovative technologies including HEPA Dust collection technology, Innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology. High EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) will ultimately reduce energy consumption. In simple words, impeccable performance and quiet operation in a sleek, compact design.  It incorporates some smart features like Air Quality Monitor, and filter replacement indicators and low noise operations. These aesthetically designed, Air purifiers are portable and can be kept on the floor or table.

​ ​

Priced at: Rs. ​22000​

Tip: Keep the doors and windows shut when you switch it on.

Availability: Available through all leading retail outlets across India

Product Specifications of KENT Aura & KENT Eternal Air Purifier:

KENT Aura Air Purifier KENT Eternal Air Purifier
•       HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology from Japan

•       HEPA filter with Anti-Bacterial coating

•       High-efficiency removal of Particulate Matter

•       Carbon filter removes odors

•       Improve freshness of air with inbuilt ionizer.

•       Intelligent Air Quality monitoring

•       Filter change indicator

•       Low Noise Operations

•       User-friendly functional design, safe and convenient for use.

•       High purifying capacity, purifies air in the room instantly

•       Sui table for a room size up-to 270 sq.-ft.

•       Child lock feature.


•       HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology from Japan

•       Innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology

•       High-efficiency removal of Particulate Matter

•       Carbon filter removes odors

•       High purifying capacity purifies air in the room instantly

•       High EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

•       Suitable for a room size up to 377 Sq.-ft.

•       Intelligent Air Quality monitoring

•       Filter change indicator

•       Low Noise Operations


“SAIESTA”- Style Savvy Christmas

   Saiesta Sets New Rules To Make You ‘Style Savvy’ This Christmas


New Delhi: It’s Christmas time and that means lots and lots of parties and what’s a holiday season without the best looks for the multiple celebrations! So a bit of glitz and glamour is a must and can be incorporated in your Christmas outfit in a number of different ways and through different styles. Colours are a crucial aspect of pairing together an outfit with accessories and outwear, for any themed party, especially Christmas. Sonal Abrol, the lead stylist at Saiesta, the India’s premiere e-tail studio designing clothes exclusively for women, makes it easy to get party-ready this December!


5 Complete Looks For A Christmas Party


  1. When it comes to parties, nothing beats an elegant dress. It’s the most party-like garment to wear and perhaps also the most simple. So invest in a red or green dress with your favourite pair of heels to get the perfect party look. If you need more warmth, combine it with a chic cardigan or jacket.
  2. Leather jacket are always in this season as they give your outfit a certain edge that sets you apart but also keeps you on-trend. So you can pair a green maxi dress with a leather jacket or try a green off-shoulder dress for a touch of sensual style.
  3. If you’re looking for a bold statement, go for a black body con dress with red lipstick, red pumps and a red short jacket! You can even pair a red maxi dress extends all the way to the floor with a black or blue crop embroidered jacket, with red lipstick and black pumps!
  4. Embellished sweatshirts are in this season, so if you are heading out for a fun rooftop party, this should be your go-to option. You can pair it with slim fit jeans and leather or ugg boots, and a pretty woolen cap or beanie!
  5. For a stunning divaesque look, pair a delicate red shift dress with white diamonds and red spiked pumps! You can even wear a black cocktail dress with red stone neck piece, lipstick and a red pump to stand out at a party!




Christmas is just the beginning of the party season that goes on till the New Years! The golden rule is to wear your outfit with confidence, so try these outfit combinations to add the festive spirit to your outfit and make a statement at every party!


About Sonal Abrol, Design & Operations Head, Saiesta:

With specialisation in textile designing and export management, Sonal Abrol, The Chief Operations Officer at Saiesta, is a veteran in the international fashion industry and her career is best described as a kaleidoscope of designing, production, operations, marketing and management. Her expertise lie in designing apparels, accessories and home furnishing, and her team of proficient designers strive round the clock to deliver collections inspired by global runway trends and street fashion. All her designs and creations have a unique blend of western silhouettes with an essence of embellishments, prints and patterns connecting them to the country’s fashion ethics. With her rich experience, incredible entrepreneurial skills, commendable vision and extensive knowledge of the trade of fashion, Sonal makes for an ideal choice to take the brand to the next level.




About Saiesta:

Saiesta, a premiere e-tail studio exclusively for women, is a concept turned to reality by Saivana Exports Pvt. Ltd., a star export house headquartered in  New Delhi. Saivana Exports Pvt. Ltd has over 20 years of experience, working with hottest fashion brands from Paris, Milan and New York. The soul of the brand Saiesta transcends all boundaries of ethnicity and culture. The extremely versatile collections from the house of Saiesta are an amalgamation of colours, designs, fabrics and cuts. The designs feature a wide range of exquisite prêt and evening wear for formal or social occasions, mirroring the personal style of today’s fashionable young women.


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Showshaa Nightclub presents Christmas Eve Party  on 24th December 2015 with Nikhil Chinapa


Nix New
Nikhil Chinapa and VJ Nikhil, is an Indian radio jockey and video jockey and is a popular presenter on MTV India. He was the Festival Director of Asia’s premier music festival Sunburn Festival .Chinapa and his company called Submerge Music are known for having been instrumental in bringing the most prominent DJs to India such as the likes of Above & Beyond, Swedish House MafiaAlessoDeniz KoyuArmin Van Buuren,ZeddHardwell and Tiesto.He has a massive fan following among EDM  enthusiasts on Twitter and is credited by and large to be a pioneer for EDM in India.


Perched in the city of bright and buzzing nightlife, Showshaa is a larger than life entertainment destination set to leave party lovers bewildered and bewitched. The vibrant nightclub aiming to conquer Delhi’s nightlife which is spread across more than 12,000 sq ft area and a state of 1600 sq ft stage with most advanced audio-visual technology and sound system powerful enough to accommodate the open-air festival it also has 3 ceiling to floor LED walls covering over 1800 sq ft area and promises to provide one of the most memorable of nightclub experiences to our patrons. It is the only club in the city to feature an exclusive shot bar .

Showshaa looks forward to becoming a popular destination for international artists from Ibiza, Miami or world famous music festivals like Tomorrow land and Ultra Music Festival. A melange of international standards, Indian hospitality, world-class technology and unparalleled acts form the philosophy behind Showshaa.

Showshaa with its electric ambience and world class cuisine aims to attract party goers and food connoisseurs alike and whet their appetite for more.  Showshaa is a joint venture of Mr. Rahul Chhabra, a visionary and illustrious entrepreneur with multiple projects in the field of hospitality & GINC (Great India Nautanki Company Pvt.Ltd), the company behind the Kingdom of dreams.

Date– 24th December 2015, Thursday

Venue– Showshaa Nightclub, Kingdom of Dreams, Sector-29, Gurgaon

Time9 pm Onwards

Entry Details:: INR 4000 for couple with unlimited food and liquor

World’s Best First Class Lounge

GVK Lounge at CSIA selected as “World’s Best First Class Lounge”

CSIA Lounge entrance Peacock


Mumbai: The opulent GVK Lounge at Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) in Mumbai has been selected as the ‘World’s Leading Airport Lounge – First Class 2015’ at the recently concluded World Travel Awards in Morocco. The GVK Lounge stands tall amongst some of the world’s best airport/airline lounges, which were nominated in this category. The GVK Lounge qualified for nomination in the world category by virtue of winning the award for ‘Asia’s Leading Airport Lounge’ at the ‘World Travel Awards – Asia and Australasia’ in Hong Kong on October 29, 2015.  The GVK Lounge is operated by Travel Food Services Limited (TFS) and Performa.


Mr. G. V. Sanjay Reddy, Managing Director, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd said, “The GVK Lounge blends the finest of Indian hospitality with luxurious, world-class design and amenities. It embodies our commitment to delight our guests and provide them with every comfort during their stay at the airport. We are setting new global benchmarks in hospitality within airports and we will keep raising the bar in the years to come. Our efforts should guide us towards a time in near future when passengers will look at the airport not merely as a stop, but as a destination in itself.”


Mr. Gaurav Dewan, Chief Operating Officer, TFS said, “The GVK Lounge was designed to offer essential facilities with a lavish touch – a restful, luxurious experience that would help passengers unwind from travel-induced stress. It is the perfect gateway where they can engage in work or indulge in culture, cuisine or pleasure, as their disposition may be. The World Travel Awards are regarded as the Oscars of the tourism industry and we could not have hoped for a better endorsement of our efforts and services.”


Mr. Beat Ehlers, Managing Director, Performa said, “We are elated at being recognized for the unrivalled premium customer experience we have created by working with our partners GVK and TFS. The GVK Lounge concept is based on personal interaction, warmth and deep understanding of the mind-set of our guests. The award is a toast to the success of the ideas and insights that went into making the lounge.”


The experience at the exclusive First Class (FC) section is akin to a five star hotel with highly personalized service and care to details. The service concept is based on maximum comfort, providing exclusive and the highest level of attention without compromising privacy. FC travellers enjoy high-class amenities such as à la carte dining, individual spa treatments, relaxation rooms, shower facilities, concierge services, etc. The kitchen crew, comprising a strong set of Indian and international talent, transform the à la carte dining area into a gourmet restaurant upholding the highest culinary standards. The service personnel in the FC section consist exclusively of highly trained, multi-lingual Senior Attachés with background in the hospitality industry. One has to truly experience The GVK Lounge to believe it.


Notes to editors:


About Travel Food Services:

Travel Food Services Limited (TFS) is India’s leading dedicated F&B concessionaire in the travel infrastructure segment. It is one of the largest airport F&B Concessionaires in India, catering to over 90 million customers, with major operations at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi Airports. With a commitment to transform the F&B experience for travellers, the company has created a superlative portfolio of some of the best brands to cater to discerning passengers at travel locations including proprietary brands DilliStreat, Terminal F, Cafeccino,, Curry Kitchen, Noodle Wok,Swich as well as global favorites such as KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Haagen-Dazs, Ultra Bar, and Cafe Coffee Day, to name a few. TFS has been founded by Mr. Sunil Kapur, the visionary business leader and founding promoter of Blue Foods – one of India’s largest F&B retail companies. Mr. Kapur is also highly acknowledged for the creation of iconic restaurant brands such as Copper Chimney, Spaghetti Kitchen, Gelato Italiano, Blue Sea, Noodle Bar, Bombay Blue and a host of others, having led individual brand expansions across the length and breadth of the country. Drawing upon the group’s extensive heritage in the Indian F&B industry, Travel Food Services is committed to transforming the F&B landscape within large scale travel infrastructure projects across the entire region. TFS is a K Hospitality Group company.


About Performa: Performa is a part of Gategroup which is the leading independent global provider of onboard services to companies that serve people on the move. Gategroup comprises the following brands: deSter, eGate Solutions, Gate Aviation, Gate Gourmet, Gate Safe, Harmony, Performa, potmstudios, Pourshins and Supplair. The Group’s world-class capabilities are focused in catering and hospitality; provisioning and logistics; and onboard solutions. Our customers include top airlines around the world that rely on our expertise and solutions tailored to their guests, service offerings and the geographic regions in which they operate. Shares of Zurichbased gategroup are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol GATE.



World’s Fastest Pianist – An Indian


Aman Bathla2

World’s Fastest Pianist

Pianist Aman Bathla created history on the golden pages of piano playing in India. On December 4, 2014 he played 804 notes in one minute at one of his concerts in Gurgaon, India. He was then honored with the title of the fastest pianist of India by India Book of Records. Not stopping here, Aman Bathla broke the world record mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records where the fastest pianist has played 765 notes in a minute. Hence he was honored with the certification from Assist World Records, World Records India and Record Setter for the same.

Journey of Life

Aman was raised in a liberal business family in Gurgaonn. He has taken education from reputed schools in Gurgaon and Dehradun. His professional excellence comprises of a degree in sound engineering from Mumbai and Bhushan degree in Indian classical. Later he went to add to his credit degree in western music from the prestigious Trinity College, London.

Aman Bathla

Aman decided to take plunge with his dream and not continue with his 63 years old established family business. Limited support from family and unreasonable struggles of music industry did not deter him and one fine day he decided to devote his life to his love for Piano. Aman is divinely blessed with understanding of music and different instruments. He plays soulful music that has a magical effect of healing broken hearts, bringing peace to listeners, treating people from stress and anger and contributing in healthy recovery from any disease.

As a child he was skillful in playing instruments like Flute, Drums, Guitar, Mouth organ and many others. The unusually adventurous and an extrovert school going boy, Aman use to play his tunes on small keyboard. He never dreamt of being a World Record holder as fastest pianist.

Contrary to his vivacious childhood memories; piano and unending charm for music has transformed Aman Bathla into a spiritual soul travelling deep in the mind and hearts of people thus mesmerizing millions as he strikes the notes of piano.


“Follow your passion…no matter where you are and what you do. Travelling through the beautiful journey of life, my belief in my dream keeps me going. My love for piano gives me strength. I learn something new every day when I play. I rejoice in celebrating each moment spent with piano.”

Aman Bathla


Aman Bathla1

Career and Awards

Aman Bathla was born on February 19, 1980 in an elite business family from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Aman receives his strength and inspiration from the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Aman has a command over Indian semi classical, fusion, techno music with semi classical on grand piano and music from Indian cinema (Bollywood Retro). He can play 26 musical instruments at ease.

Aman Bathla is a notable concert pianist and healer globally. He spends long hours rehearsing every day. Aman idolizes the most coveted Santoor player, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma and adulates A.R.Rahman (The Bollywood Musical Storm).

Aman is an accomplished teacher too. His ‘Aman Bathla’s Passionnotes The Piano School’ houses children from different age groups. One of his students has recently been conferred by India Book of Records as youngest pianist of India.

The music healer in Aman strikes heartwarming notations on piano thus healing those distressed and unhealthy. His music therapy does wonders on healing pregnant women, people suffering from mental disorders, insomnia. depression and severe anger or stress.

Aman Bathla has to his credit the following recognitions –

 India Book of Records

 Assist World Records

 World Records India

 Record Setter (USA)

 Golden Book of World Records

 Unique World Record

 Incredible Book of Records

 Everest World Records


Here are few links of his concerts –

Link 1 : Record Breaking concert

Link 2: Playing in front of Media

Link 3: Playing in a concert

Watch “Fastest Pianist of the World , Aman Bathla playin…” on YouTube Fastest Pianist of the World , Aman Bathla playin…:

Watch “aman bathla playing “mera joota hai japani” at on…” on YouTube aman bathla playing “mera joota hai japani” at on…: