VROOMss by The V Renaissance & Indian Motorcycle Company

VROOMss , never like before fashion show by The V Renaissance & Indian Motorcycle Company 


Bespoke luxury brand The V Renaissance organized a fashion show VROOMss in association with Indian Motorcyle Company (Gurgaon- Sandeep Bansil) on 21st November, 2015. The V Renaissance brought  for the first time an amalgamation of a psychologically minded photographer – Vipul Amar and a creatively inclined psychologist – Harsheen K. Arora.

Anna in spider bikini and ebony Knit and wrist cuff

Anna in spider bikini and ebony Knit and wrist cuff

What happens when you embark on a journey based on your self-belief that makes you question your own creative genius? Who do you draw your inspiration from when there is no parallel to what you do? These are some of the questions that the founders Vipul Amar and Harsheen Arora have been addressing since the brand’s inception in 2013. Today, after completing two successful years, ‘The V Renaissance’ proudly announced becoming the luxury partner of AUTO CIRCUIT at Select City Walk exhibiting their latest collection from 19th – 22nd November.  Also, organized a never  like before fashion show VROOMss in association with Indian Motorcycle Company ( Gurgaon- Sandeep Bansil)  wherein the models had adorned the products designed by The V Renaissance walked  the ramp with the beat machines by legendary Indian Motorcycle Company ( Gurgaon- Sandeep Bansil).

saahil Prem vipul hitesh ralhan Tulsi Kumar

Saahil Prem vipul hitesh ralhan Tulsi Kumar

What started as a creative forum to facilitate Bespoke Art on Canvas and Silk has now  transformed itself into a full- fledged bespoke couture studio boasting of leather garments (jackets, Bikinis, skirts), leather accessories (helmets, phone and tablet covers/sleeves, clipboards, wallets, furniture etc). After catering to the tastebuds of all kinds of patrons and analysing the luxury retail trend, the brand now aims to take customisation to another level. Each TVR piece resonates with the personality of its user, something that he not only cherishes but wishes to pass on to the next generation.

The ‘by appointment’ only brand is now gearing up to open its flagship boutique in MG Road early 2016, where walk-ins will be welcomed with an array of novel designs and playfulness with leather that they have not witnessed ever.

Radhika Bopaiah in Conical Knit

Radhika Bopaiah in Conical Knit

In the words of Vipul & Harsheen, “‘It’s the pleasure of creating something distinct while paying attention to the minutest of details….going back to the basics and using our hands to bring out pieces which cannot be replicated.”

Tulsi Kumar
Tulsi Kumar



About The V Renaissance


The V Renaissance brings for the first time an amalgamation of a psychologically minded photographer – Vipul Amar and a creatively inclined psychologist – Harsheen K. Arora. Together they explore the hidden facets of your personality and soul to bring out unspoken stories on various mediums dipped in highest luxury.

The brand is an extension of their endeavor called Stupid Eye – a globally published research on therapeutic imagery. Stupid Eye delves deeper into the realms of one’s true self through a blend of photography and psychology. As thename implies, Renaissance means rebirth; The V Renaissance uses this art to custom design a product which revealsthe innermost core of their patrons.

It presents collections of artwork on canvases to bespoke top grain leather furniture and accessories, to having a part of you or your loved one’s soulful individualities on apparels. The V Renaissance brings to you something to make you feel good and gives you something special to experience every day, every moment of life – it brings warmth, that personal touch, and that special niche where you can connect with your inner self.

The V Renaissance is best elucidated as an unprecedented luxury concept that can turn any imagination into reality. It represents its patron’s identity in a story line – on something that can be seen and felt outside of themselves.  Each piece they make can never be copied or duplicated and is exclusive to you. Patrons will find their inner self displayed in an ingenious sense which will keep them connected as they stroll from top to bottom on the canvas.

Other than Personalized products the brand also offers a selected variety of their own collections of various artwork and merchandise. The artwork includes the creation of photographs over time, through travel and concept shoots incorporating natural elements like fire, water and ice – for which they have been awarded the International Photography Award 2012.

The V Renaissance is a podium where class meets creativity to churn out the best from bespoke luxury. Many among us are affluent enough to lead a lush lifestyle, but does it mean our innermost soul is also content? It is the time to understand your thoughts better and give them an outlet via The V Renaissance Bespoke Art. In the words of Harsheen, “The V Renaissance is a chance to be reborn to yourself as your own self and it is an indulgence for your soul”.

The idea is to produce bespoke art form where these story lines are then bound in personalized teak wood frames plated with 24 -carat pure gold and diamond customized logos.  It will be a remarkable journey for the patrons as theteam at The V Renaissance avoids plastic cookie-cutter shoots and photos instead pitches whole-heartedly into concept shoots where emotions are the real stars! It is one of the foremost players in the booming field of photographic art and customization.

The V Renaissance aims at creating an image of you, carved from your inner self that will leave you startled even after years and you may ask yourself; “Have I grown within my thoughts or just in age?”



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