Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Apollo Hospital) – Tips


Women Must Closely Watch Their Bodies: Tips for Regular Self Examination Dr Manish Singhal, Senior Medical Oncologist, Indraparastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi; Joint Secretary (NCR) Oncology Forum

More than 60% of breast cancers in India are diagnosed in stage III or stage IV of the disease, by the time it is too late to cure the patient or significantly prolong her life. According to estimates of World Health Organization, one woman dies in India of breast cancer for every two new Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and

developing countries. However, even as the incidence in India remains lower as compared to western countries, the mortality rates are much higher due to lack of awareness, absence of mass screening programs, and late diagnosis.

Early detection presents a good chance of cure and long term survival as well as of breast conservation. It also allows doctors to use less intensive and non invasive treatments that are not as harsh to the body. If detected late, however, prognosis is poor.

The majority of breast cancer deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed in late stages due mainly to lack of awareness on early detection and barriers to health services.

A combination of self and clinical breast examination coupled with mammography is recommended to enable early breast cancer detection. While mammography screening can be highly expensive, it is extremely important for women to keep a close track of any changes occurring in their bodies. Any lump in the breast or underarm area, any unusual discharge from the nipple, any change in the shape or size of the breast should be taken note of and immediately reported to a doctor for further examination.

It is recommended that women perform regular self examination every month after 25, with a clinical breast examination every three years, and annual mammography after the age of 40.

Here are some tips on how to regularly monitor and examine yourself: 

  • The time when your period ends is the best time to subject yourself to a self breast exam because this is the time when your breasts are not tender and will help you get a clear picture.
  • Use your fingers to closely go about examining the breasts to feel for any lump, itchy rash, bump or an unusually tender spot. Also look carefully for any hard spot, thickening of the tissue, dimpling or puckering of the skin. If you find one, report it immediately to a doctor.
  • Raise your arms up and stand in front of the mirror. Then lower your arms gradually to your sides and watch for any unusual difference in your breasts. See if the two sides move the same distance.
  • Not just the breasts but also examine the underarm area carefully. If you spot any           enlarged lymph nodes, or an unexplained painful spot in the underarms you need to      immediately seek medical examination.
  • Watch for the nipples carefully. Any unusual discharge, swelling, itching or darkening of the skin, or rash on the nipple must be quickly referred to a doctor.

These indications might not always be a sign of breast cancer but it is important to be safe than sorry.

Breast Cancer Awareness – MAX Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi

Breast Cancer Incidence Increasing in Younger Women in Urban Areas:

Most young women do not care about regular screening and some even tend to ignore
warning signs because they believe they are too young to suffer from breast cancer

New Delhi, Oct 2015: You are never too young to suffer from breast cancer! Even
though, almost 90% of breast cancer cases occur in women above 50 years of age,
increasing number of younger women are today being diagnosed with the disease,
especially in urban areas and metropolitan cities.

“Breast cancer has already overtaken cervical cancer to become the leading cause of
cancer related deaths in Indian women. Apart from its increasing incidence, the profile
of patients and the disease has also displayed change in recent years. Besides, breast
cancer in younger women can be aggressive and less likely to respond to treatment.

Women who are diagnosed at a younger age also are more likely to have a mutated
BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes which present poor prognosis,” says Dr Meenu Walia, Director –
Medical Oncology, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj.
In 2013, American researchers analyzed cancer registry data between 1976 and 2009
and concluded that there was a steady rise in number of younger women reporting
more aggressive forms of cancer over these years.

“While there is no such comprehensive analysis or study conducted in India, clinical
evidence suggests that breast cancer occurrence has increased in relatively younger
women today. Unlike a decade back when most women patients diagnosed with breast
cancer were above 50, today more women under 50 years of age are being diagnosed
with the disease. Breast cancer in younger women can be aggressive and are more likely
to have an associated genetic cancer syndrome,” says Dr Rajat Saha, Consultant,

Medical Oncology, Max Superspeciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

According to estimates of WHO, roughly 144,937 women in India were detected with
breast cancer in 2012 and 70,218 died of it, making it one death for every two new
diagnoses. With the incidence of the disease rising by more than 20% since 2008, India is
expected to have a whopping 200,000 new cases of breast cancer per year by 2030.

“There is also a rural urban gap to this disease. While in cities and urban areas, breast
cancer is the most common cancer in females, in villages cervical cancer is still the most
common. This also points to the fact that urban behaviors and lifestyle have some

Need to Stay Alert After 25

contribution to the increasing incidence of the disease. Lifestyle factors such as
excessive weight, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol intake are associated with increased
risk of breast cancer,” says Dr Meenu Walia.

The good news is that more patients today, as compared to 10 years back, are
presenting in early stages owing to better awareness of the disease. This is important as
these early stage patients require less treatment and the cure rates are very high.

However, the percentage of early diagnosed patients is still abysmally low. This means
that as many as 60% of the patients present at stage III or stage IV when it is too late to
treat the disease or prolong the life of the person.

“At the same time urban behavioral patterns such as delayed pregnancies, reduced
duration of breastfeeding, use of oral contraceptives, increased consumption of
processed food as well as some form of environmental toxicity that may be causing
genetic mutation, are believed to have increased risk,” adds Dr Saha.

Both doctors agree that unfortunately most younger women do not care about regular
screening and some even tend to ignore warning signs because they believe they are too
young to suffer from breast cancer. In its very initial phase, breast cancer doesn’t
present any symptoms; the earliest symptoms that may manifest include a painless
lump in the breast, unusual discharge from the nipple, a change in the breast shape or
size, or swelling or lump in the breast or underarm area. Any notable abnormality in the
breast should be immediately reported to a doctor and evaluated for further

Stay Alert Once You Turn 25

Almost half of the breast cancer deaths in India can be preventable if the disease is
presented on time. This highlights the lack of awareness among people as well as a
complete absence of a mass screening program. Regular screening not only saves lives
by diagnosing the disease at an early stage, but also allows doctors to undertake less
disfiguring surgeries and less toxic treatments, with higher chances of cure.

 Monthly self examination starting at 25 years of age: Once in a month after
completion of menstrual bleeding, it is recommended that you conduct a self
examination to rule out any lump, or change in shape of your breast area.

 Clinical breast examination is recommended every 3 years after one turns 25

 Clinical Breast Examination with mammography yearly after the age of 40 years.

Diwali Extravaganza by ‘My Best Friend and Me’

Diwali Extravaganza by ‘My Best Friend and Me’ took place at The Lalit, New Delhi on 20th October, 2015

Sonali Gupta & Meenakshi Datt

Delhi’s Exclusive Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Trunk show – My Best friend and Me organized by Curator & Stylist Dipali Bhasin and Event Expert Anubhav Bhasin and promoted by lifestyle expert  Sunayana Chibba celebrated the festive season at The Lalit.

The event turned out to be an amazing experience for all the guests as it was an infusion of Western and Indian clothing along with the contemporary & classic home accessories by eminent and emerging design houses from all over India. It also turned out to be an wholesome entertainment for the entire family as it had food outlets to satiate the taste buds, play zone for the kids.

According to Curator Dipali “In tune with the festivities, the Diwali Extravaganza Show has been especially curated as a fun filled event for the entire family-men women and kids.  A dedicated kids fun zone,different food stalls to satiate the taste buds of everyone,  foot Reflexology massage to pamper your soul , see your upcoming financial fortune with Bollywood Astrologer Nitin Manchanda, or just plain and simple indulge in a variety of mouthwatering snacks at The Lalit food truck -especially created by The Lalit hotel”


Some of the guests spotted were Samantha Kocchar,Sunayana Chibba,Kajoli Sehgal ,Malini Sehgal , Simran Singh , Pia Sawhney , Rita Bhasin , Anju Grover , Nidhi Goenka , Aarti Nagpal , Jai Madan​, Shalini Chauhan,Natasha , Kritika Jhanjhi , Sanjana Chopra , Sunayana Malhotra,Lavina Bhatia,Meenakshi Dutt,Kamini Singh and many more.

The event’s style content re​nforced fashion in everything custom made, particularly with a new and exciting luxury that it offered this time. The Exhibition highlighted the unveiling of an exotic jewellery line by the ‘HOUSE OF PASHMA’, a well known luxury brand for shawls stoles and sweaters. Some of the leading fashion & lifestyle brands and designers who displayed their exquisite products were from Mumbai such as Pipa + Bella, Diosa,Aquamarine and Confusion, Stoffa Shoes,Natasha Kapoor, Casa 9 and many more, and the Delhi based brands that gave them the stiff competition were-Custom made Ensembles by Anandi Tandon,Pam Mehta,Malini Ramani, Purva Chauhan and Raas Leela by Sonali Agarwal ,Ulupi by Chetan Chillar, Line Design by gaurav, Fads-shoes, Naila, Odditi,Shades of India.

Ladies from the Royal Houses of India who showcased their collections were Kamini Singh of Rose Tree and Ritu Sinhji, Luxury Designer Wear from (showcasing collections from Designers :Rocky S,Sougat Paul ,Rimi Nayak,Rahul and Anushka,Autre by Gautam Gupta)  

My Best friend and Me also found a way to give back to the society that has accepted it with open arms by allotting a section of free space to NGO’s to display and sell their products.
It kept its pledge to support and provide an exclusive platform to the NGO’s and helped them raise funds for the upcoming festival. This attempt by the organizers to contribute generously and try to light Diwali for the unprivileged ones is highly commendable.

This Diwali Extravaganza was a unique attempt to celebrate the upcoming festivities and take home style and luxury.


For further details contact :
Joshika Kapoor @ 9810372021
Isha Arora @ 9654569574.

Karva Chauth Makeup Tips

Karva Chauth Makeup Tips

By Sheena Agarwaal

Karva Chauth is an Indian Festival which is considered to be one of the most holy traditions for a Hindu married woman. She celebrates her relationship with her spouse on this day. Women usually start prepping up for this day way in advance and as an effort to make it seamless for them, Sheena Agarwaal, an Image Consultant and Makeup Stylist at Urbanista Image Consulting would like to share some tips.

  1. To look your absolute best, start prepping for the day by booking a facial in advance. If you are not a facial person, opt for face packs which are organic in nature. Multani Mitti and Yoghurt with Oatmeal happen to be my favourite.
  1. Avoid leaving your makeup overnight on your face. Make sure to remove it before going to bed to avoid skin eruptions. This is not just for the occasion at hand but also something you should follow all year through.
  1. You could get your hands and feet filled with mehndi designs. Apply some lime juice or Vicks for a darker color. Refer a separate article on Mehndi designs for karva chauth.
  1. I love the modern take on Sarees. I particularly recommend getting pre-draped saris. Not only do they make for an interesting look but make saree a delightful experience.
  1. When it comes to makeup, try to keep the look simple and the skin looking clean and fresh. I recommend getting the Nude Eye shadow palette and create a soft Smokey eye. For the lips, Ruby or Red is the perfect colour for you. And don’t forget the kajal: every woman’s birth right.
  1. Red, gold and orange are considered to be auspicious colors. You could add a bit of these colors to your makeup. For example, you could wear red nail polish or use a gold eyeshadow to complement your clothing.
  1. Apply your makeup carefully. Make sure to use a foundation before you start. Don’t forget to add a bit of color to your eyes and lips. Invest in a beauty blender so that it all sets and blends well.
  1. If you’re a newly-wed bride, your first Karva Chauth is extra special. So make sure that you spend that extra time getting decked up in your bridal wear and look gorgeous in the evening.

Sheena Agarwaal

About Sheena Agarwaal

With an unparalleled background in the arena of image consultancy, Sheena is an image consultant who fully embraces an inside out approach. She counsels on developing personality, which leads one to becoming more organized, confident and content. Her way of consultation is not just shop around with you or change your wardrobe to the latest fashions. Of course, in tandem the fashion does take over but it need not be the branded outfit nor the whacky hairdos, but practical and sustainable image enhancement. Inspired by the theory of evolution, she sensitively approaches her clients with not just verbal consultation but a total involvement. Sheena attended Mayo College in Ajmer, Rajasthan, one of the premier boarding schools in the country where refined behaviour, etiquette, public speaking and appearance, were stressed as essential attributes for success. She has done her Post Graduation from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad and specializes in Digital Media and Brand Management. Conversant in English, Hindi, Bengali and elementary French has a deep appreciation of varied cultures. With a Diploma in Image Consultancy from London Institute of Image in collaboration with ImageAsia, she is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and an inspiring guest lecturer at International College of Fashion, New Delhi.

Strands- One of the biggest salon chain of india launches its 51st salon in NOIDA, U.P.

STRANDSShri Ram Kishore Agarwal with CEO & Founder of Strands, Mr. Singh at the inaugration Models at the launch

Offering a memorable beauty experience in the city!

 Noida, 16th October, 2015: Strands Salon & Spa, the biggest salon chain of India, launched StudioStrands with dedicated NIOXIN Studio in Noida, Sector 63 on Friday, October 16th2015. The Studio was inaugurated by State Minister U.P. Govt. (Advisor Commercial Tax Dept.) Shri Ram Kishore Agarwal. The brand showcased different revamped looks given by the Strands professionals with renowned models. Studio Strands purely devoted to enhance the overall well-being and stimulate the renewal of mind, body and spirit through their highly efficient professional services.

The salon at Noida boasts of an international look, contemporary ambience and specially trained crew.  It offers the most current hair styling and hair care techniques including NIOXIN special treatment for full thickness hair. The salon has appointed an efficient staff trained by Strands Academy for Skill Development (SASD) & Wella Professionals- one of the biggest salon brands of the world.

On the occasion, Shri Ram Kishore Agarwal said “I am honoured to be part of the growth of the Strands Salon and would like to congratulate the complete team for bringing up the best of offerings to our city. I must say that Strands knows the need of the sector.”

The salon will offer a vast range of skin, beauty, hair, spa treatments and makeup by trained experts from SASD, Wella- World’s No.1 Salon Brand, Aroma Treasure, Krylon, Casmara, O3, &H20. This wide range is complemented with technically perfect products to have customers totally convinced and satisfied. For Bridal make-up, Strands uses a professional salon range of cosmetics to ensure long lasting results and even provides a wide choice of colors to suit your specific needs. It also offers Bridal nail Art, Nail extensions and Nail care along with spa packages which acts on the nervous system and circulatory system of body to make you feel highly confident and fresh for the day.

The company has already got its presence in across 14 states through 50 salons across India and is exploring international shores with its Vision 2020. The Group aims to touch 500 salons by 2018 and promises to nurture 50,000 young girls as professionals under Strands Academy for Skill Development. “The extension of the Strands salons nationwide claims to deliver Strands promise to provide the modern Indian woman with a complete and holistic beauty care experience with a personal touch” said Mr. Naunihal Singh, The founder and CEO of Strands Salons Pvt. Ltd.

About Strands Salon &Spa: Strands is the brainchild of the entrepreneurial vision of Naunihal Singh. It all started a decade back when Naunihal Singh, a hardcore marketing professional armed with 15+ year’s hands on experience of working with renowned beauty and cosmetic brands in the industry decided to become the game changer. He ventured in the franchise world as Strands Salon ‘n’ Spa. In a span of 10 years, Strands has grown as a brand and now is on the verge to take the big leap forward. With 60 salons in 14 states, under extensions called Lounge, Studio and Salon, Strands under the stewardship of Naunihal Singh has sight set on 500 salons by 2018.

The Address of the Salon:

H: 1 A33, 1st Floor, Sector 63, Near Haldiram,NOIDA, U.P. 201309

“21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show 2016”

“21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show 2016”

 Enticing India’s Royal Vintage Motoring Culture

 Mr. Madan Mohan, Founder, 21 Gun Salute with newly restored vintage Car- 1952 Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupe

Mr. Madan Mohan, Founder, 21 Gun SaluteGurgaon, Oct 8, 2015: For the past five years, 21 Gun Salute has been successfully presenting the International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show; year after year, the event is getting bigger and better and 2016 is going to be the grandest so far. Offering a feast of events for car aficionados and connoisseurs of culture, the event showcases the rich Indian legacy & narrates a vintage car-fable at India’s most celebrated locales.

The 6th Edition of the Show portrays the true picture of the vast cultural diversity of the country in the wake of promoting motoring tourism in India. And there could be no better place than Red Fort, which has been representing India’s pride, glory &cultural elegance since 1648.

Mr Madan Mohan, The Founder21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show said, “Our aim is to showcase the finest heritage of custom-made automobiles in India and promote the centuries-old vast cultural diversity of the country at a global stage, establishing a holistic platform for the growth of Motoring Tourism in India.”

21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show, 2016 will witness a stunning concoction of India’s Motoring legacy with its enormous cultural heritage. Unlike any other vintage car show organized around the world, this one will be a different experience altogether! “Along with the display of 75 exclusively hand-picked Indian and 15 International vintage cars, spectators will also get the glimpse of the art and dance forms, from various parts of the country” disclosed Mr Madan Mohan

The event has gone truly International as vintage car clubs & collectors from the USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are joining the 2 days heritage motoring fest. Followed by an exclusive display of cars and the grand cultural fiesta, the collectors and car enthusiasts will drive their beauties on the roads of the capital, heading towards the Buddh International Circuit, Noida. Another highlight will be a controlled speed racing (TSD) on the Formula One racing track at Greater Noida. This will bring a superb driving pleasure both for the spectators and the man on the steering.

The event will showcase the world’s most admired-vintage automobiles & also brings forth a wonderful opportunity for the participants and guests to relish the true essence of culture tourism & a glimpse of centuries-old heritage of India. From times immemorial, India has remained the epicentre of art, culture, heritage and tradition. Great number of foreign tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world will participate, witness and simply enjoy a series of events, music & dance forms here.

Saturday (6th February 2016) special Display: An exclusive display of luxury cars, from around the world.

A Royal Rendezvous with 125 hand-picked, rare & premium Indian & International cars of the bygone era. Experience a sensational display of vintage cars from venerated collectors and car enthusiasts from India, USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Sunday Sensation – A feast to the eyes (7th February 2016)

Make sure, 7th February is the day you choose to experience a Sunday, like never before. Bursting with excitement & enthusiasm – the spectators in the corridors of world-class F1 circuit, will witness Classic & Vintage beauties racing on the track. Bet us! This will mesmerize you & take you to the next stage of exhilaration.For the first time, Buddh International Circuit, will host such a pleasure with motoring enthusiasts putting on their driving gloves, dusting off their bonnets and making their way along the World’s most hi-techF1 Track.

“In the 6th edition of 21Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show, we are bringing before you the opulence in abundance of the century old imperial heritage of the country across the globe. This time, we are proud to have with us many dignified Indian Royal families in the show.” added Mr Madan Mohan

“Our endeavour is to establish India as a World-Class Motoring Tourism Destination by spreading awareness and interest among the people of the country and the rest of the world through participation and involvement of vintage & classic car enthusiasts and collectors.” Concluded Mr Madan Mohan

Coverage By : Vickrham (vicky)